Sentiment Analysis and Its Importance in Digital Marketing

Sentiment Analysis and Its Importance in Digital Marketing

In this digitally connected World, social media has become an inevitable business solution, a necessity

for digital presence,it’s very much important to know what and how people are talking about your brand. The solution to identify the mood of the digital world is sentiment analysis.

Firstly, let’s look at what is sentiment analysis in social media marketing

This is when a computer analyzes information from social medias and identifies emotion attached to that particular posts. This is how the audience is reacting to a brand, either positively or negatively. In social media analytics, this is a type of social listening by which we can measure the mood of posts that take place on social media.


Types – Positive, Negative, Neutral and Beyond

In sentiment Analysis posts can be simply categorized posts as positive, negative, or neutral. Mainly this type of analysis is useful for generalizing the consumer feelings on a topic, but many of the human emotions are beyond the mentioned and needs detailing.


How Sentiment Analysis Helps

On social media, the sentiment of a post can be identified by the tone or emotion conveyed in a brand mention. Sentiment analysis helps us to learn the How and why that type of posts came. While other metrics can tell you what a message is about, Companies use sentiment analysis to evaluate brand perception, monitor marketing campaigns and identify potential crisis situations.


The Advantages of Sentiment Analysis contributes to our organisations are


  1. Listen the genuine Voice of customers

We can Monitor how your customers engages with our company on social media. Can track positive and negative sentiments around our brand and compare brand perceptions against competitors.

  1. Managing OnlineBrand Reputation

This helps companies to Analyze marketing campaigns and create new strategies. Analyzing changes in sentiment and maintain according to the emotion, respond proactively to any issue and prevent possible crises that can be hazardous your brand’s reputation

3.      Posting analytics and effectiveness

Discover what types of posts drive the most likes, retweets, and shares across your social networks so you can optimize your strategies to drive the greatest results.


Issues with Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Cannot be accurately examined by a machine or an algorithm. Even the sentiment in conversation has different meaning when it changes from person to person. As there is no way to truly understand what’s in the human mind, it is not easy for sentiment analysis also.

Do constantly monitor the sentiment on social media. Using tools that provide automatic sentiment analysis. There won’t be any accurate results.

Ultimately, regardless of what tool you choose, Sentiment analysis is a difficult technology to get. However, sentiment analysis is about making it easier to view context around a social media mention. Other metrics may tell you what people are talking about, but sentiment shows you the way in which they are saying