How Reputation Management Affect Brand and Sales ?

How Reputation Management Affect Brand and Sales ?

Online Brand Reputation comes a factor when comes to business growth. Are you a victim

of negative search impression ? Many marketing executives always fails to concentrate on their reputation factor and it will slowly kills their brand fame. Reputation Management refers to boosting and restoring the perception of an individual or business by influencing the online information. In today’s digital world, one negative review or a bad article submission can bring your business down because everyone has a eye on their competitors growth. Every business must take care about their reputation online because researchers found that a negative impression of a product or a service brings a customer to rethink on their choice or they even go to alternative option for eg: when we are in need for Online Shopping, we search for the products that we want and get to know their reviews are satisfactory,if not we move to another.


The Search Engines like Google has mission of organizing the informations in  the internet. Search Engines place a powerful importance in maintaining quality, trust and credibility. The factors such as Company logos, landing page, mobile responsive, website loading speed, User Interface, Colors and Fonts can always bring a best impression in Digital Body Language of a viewer. There are some ways to maintain your BRM(Branding Reputation Management ):


1)  Online Content strategy : It can be maintained by creating pure and fresh contents then only the Google can change the bad impression and shows to the customer that your service are doing well. For maintaining a strong reputation your company must produce relevant and valuable Content that include keywords.


2) Fix from your scratch : Try to figure and solve your issues that affect your reputation. These issues can be solved by:

  1. Asking your employees to talk publicly about your products and services
  2. Maintaining a one-to-one communication channel
  3. Strong Product Reviews


3) Responsiveness or Being Upfront

Try to react in polite and quick way for the customer feedback or complaints as this is one of the sign of trust indication. For eg: “We are aware of the problem, we will sort out soon”. In “Human Commercial Relationship”, always try to remain responsive and positive it can help to maintain the Professional reputation as well. .

4) Reviews  

If a company want to stay competitive,the importance of positive Google reviews are very high. According to research, 87% of the customers go for a purchase after seeing a favorable reviews about the product. There are many services available in today’s era such as “Reputation Loop”, which helps to collect these reviews and promote them in your social media accounts.


5) Provide Customer Service

Customer service over social media is one of the challenging factor where you need your time and resource. Many social media monitoring tools are available to comb up your social media pages with targeted keywords but when comes to customer service perspective listening to them is equally important.

The one way to go smooth is by picking up the best Social Media Platforms for your business and track out the results.


6) Generate Leads and Followers on social media

For more leads and followers Social Media Campaigns improves your reach and brand recognition.Collect campaign ideas through group interactions and keep monitoring new trends in social communities.

As you know that a positive feedback can instantly increases the Facebook score by one point and a negative feedback decrease the score by one point. So that ask your customers to add their feedbacks after any transaction so that other customers get to know about your experience. In today’s hustle and bustle business operations, it is not an easy job to maintain a strong reputation. The updation of some online reputation tactics can drive more Social media presence to your website.