Recent Social Media Updates – Not to be missed

Change is the only constant- the age-old adage holds true even in this digital age. In 2017, we witnessed a plethora of updates across all social media platforms. 2018 will be no different in this regard with numerous updates already sprouting in the social media arena-says a leading social media marketing company in San Francisco, California.

Let’s explore the new features now available on some of our favorite social media platforms.


Facebook is all set to promote personal content

With an aim to bring back their original mission, Facebook is changing the news feed algorithm. The modified version will be promoting more of personal content in comparison to advertisements and public content.

It is a welcome change for users since they would no longer need to spend hours scrolling through irrelevant ads and random content.


“Today In” –New Feature @ Facebook

This all-new feature in Facebook will give users access to local news and real-time events as per their location.


Instant Thread Tweeting is here

Tweeting longer-form content just got easier. The feature is a boon for brands as it got really easy to share stories on Twitter that too without annoying your followers as most of the thread will be hidden under “Show This Thread” link.


You can now follow Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram rolled out a new hashtag following feature in December.  Once you hit the follow button on a hashtag page, Instagram’s algorithm chooses highlights from the particular hashtag page and displays it in your newsfeed. On the other hand, digital marketing companies in USA are of the opinion that this update will not alter their content strategy much but it highlights the need for finding good hashtags.


Stories highlights and stories archive – latest additions on Instagram
We all have wished at least once that our stories stay for more than 24 hours on Instagram. Wish granted, it seems like with the new stories highlight feature. You can highlight your best stories in this section.

Instagram will now archive stories once they expire. Each post will be saved in the cloud and you can access it later and probably even add back to your profile as highlights. The feature is surely a great way to expand a content’s life that you have worked so hard to make.


YouTube comes up with new monetization rules

Earlier to be a part of YouTube Partner Program, which allows publishers to make money through advertising, channels needed 10,000 total views. But as per the new rules, channels need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of view time in the past year. The new rules have been created in a bid to regain advertisers trust.

Stay tuned for more updates.