Promote Your Facebook Page With These Successful Tips

The use of Facebook for business has been in practice since long and facebook marketing is indeed an exclusive means of promoting your business and brand for increased reach and improved user interactions. Though, initially Facebook was just a site that allowed people to stay in touch and interact, it has evolved much beyond that and brands are relying on this Social Media Marketing platform for some serious business.

Many who have a Facebook account are keen on searching about companies and its pages on Facebook, before they come to a conclusion or make a purchase. Hence, the need to promote your Facebook page or account is considered necessary.


Why To Use Facebook for Your Business


The business world is constantly evolving, so are the changing trends in social media marketing. Any company aiming at audience engagement needs to meet their needs. It’s not about you but the consumer.

Your consumer or end-user, they are right there on Facebook. Data from 2020 shows that internet users spent an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes a day on social media apps.Don’t you wish you should get noticed somewhere during this screen time?


Here are the top ways by which you can use Facebook to promote your business


1. Give a personal touch to your page

Increase your Facebook presence by starting a fan page, which gives more personal feel without you having to use your own account. As people like to interact with friends and family and can still add you to follow on your posts and engage with them. A fan page lets your company have a face beyond a name and the audience tends to interact with an entity that has a face. A lot of companies have been successful because they have resorted to having fan pages.


2. Include High-Quality Photos and Videos

Visuals are very effective means of creating interactions. Having high-quality images and videos are an added advantage. There are 2 main types of photos; one being your profile picture plus your cover photo and the other ones are your posts. Use of exciting and eye-catching photos and video clips are much likely to increase your followers. In addition, include helpful contents that are interesting as well.


3. Don’t forget the “Call to Action” Button

The ultimate goal of your Facebook page promotion is to increase your business and convert your followers to active consumers. By adding a CTA button, you are guiding your followers to the next steps.

It could be a link back, an appointment or to contact your company. Facebook allows up to seven CTA buttons.


4. Join or Create a Facebook Group

A phenomenal way to interact with others is by creating a Facebook group.Join groups of your target interests and start engaging through comments and reactions on posts in your group. Eventually, you’ll become a recognized name in the group and this will also bring your page recognition alongside. Or alternatively you can create your own Facebook group related to audience interests. This not only provides valuable free materials, but also helps promote your products and services.


5. Promote Your Facebook Page

Make use of your connections to directly and indirectly promote your Facebook page. Make use of your Instagram and wherever possible to promote your Facebook and believe it brings leads back to you.


6. Make Use of Facebook Stories and Facebook Live

These can give you more sincere and genuine connections and are means of quick promotions for your business. Apart from providing a personal touch, live streaming gives a real-time feeling and experience for your audience. Many businesses have gained much from such interactions.


7. Always Maintain a Regular and Consistent Schedule

To gain, maintain and retain an audience, it is essential to keep giving a regular dose of good posts, live interaction and stories. This, not just keeps you in their minds, but you’ll also have a pretty front page.Try to post around 1-2 times a day and several times a week as users like to see as many new posts as it interests them.

Stick to a posting schedule with automated posts using plugins on WordPress as well as using softwares made exclusively for this task.

8.  Keep Engaging Your Audience and Peers

Aim for continuous reactions and comments on your posts each time and this increases your followers. Also, by using your page and profile on Facebook, try and  follow people who have interests that overlap with your business audience.

Post real thoughtful comments as people appreciate such reactions and tend to follow you back. Don’t hesitate to message your peers, either. Especially the ones who are sure to help you out. Try finding a successful account you admire and send them a quick message.



Just stop worrying about Facebook marketing and follow these tips in promoting your page on Facebook. Social Media Marketing is definitely about doing your Facebook page promotion right. Keep posting and engaging and see yourself going better.