Marketing has risen to a new level with advancements in the digital medium.  Marketing seems to be so void without digital marketing services and without it, the brand is losing a connection with its customers. Evidently, we all know that the number of social media accounts is piling up by each passing day. Therefore, the brand needs to be sure of what kind of digital marketing tactics it needs to apply to effectively gain attention from the customers.

Several digital marketing agency in Kochi is now trying to lead and assist many startups and various establishments to grow their business. In this article, one of the leading marketing agency explains how business plans can be made in the digital medium.

Today’s world is highly competitive and brands are trying all the ways to penetrate and conquer the market. So, if you are trying to make a mark in the existing market scenario then, you need to know how to plan your business.

If your digital marketing plan, right from the foundation is weak then in no countable time, you would be devastated to ground. Every digital marketing campaign is backed with a strong strategy and a rooted foundation.

Almost everyone conducts online research before buying or getting any service every day. So if the brand isn’t taking an effort in churning out this flow of customers, then you are leaving money on the table, ignored. It should be understood that how people actually find the brand isn’t a matter, what matters is how the brand attracts the audience. Having a well planned digital marketing plan is the first and the most important step towards getting exposure, creating an online reputation and increasing sales.

The first and the foremost question you need to answer is, what is your brand and why someone needs to chose your brand? This self -knowledge and clear idea about your brand gives you the ability to apply the correct digital marketing tactics. What makes your product or service unique or different? How does it vary from all the other service providers or brand? The differentiating factor should be reflected in the marketing plan. People always look for something unique, a reason for why to relay on a particular brand. You need to give the answer for why the customer needs your brand more than others.

You need to figure out your target audience, if you haven’t, then do some market research on how you are going to serve your customers. Spend time studying how your competitors offer products and services. Make the plans slow, taking time, it will yield results in the long run.

You also need to embrace the fact that not everyone would be interested in your product and service. So it’s important to understand your tangible audience and work for it. This will help you maintain the right resource in working and manage time effectively other than wasting your brand’s resources on something that won’t yield results.

For example, when you create an explainer video or write contents in a blog, you know who is your audience and try to connect with them. On watching or reading a content it should feel like the content is exclusively made for him/her.

While researching your audience, you are looking for the following:

  1. Why they need your service or product
  2. How they decide to finalize on  brand
  3. The influence factors.

These can be acquired by:

Web analytics data

Email and web-based surveys

Blog post comments

When you know your audience, things get clear and easy.  And knowing which digital platform or channel can attribute to your customer growth,  you are on track.

Pay-per-click or PPC [Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc]

Social media [Facebook, Twitter, etc]

Blogging [WordPress, Medium, etc]

Search Engine Optimization [Google, Bing, etc]

Display Networks [Google Display Network, Facebook Audience Network, etc]

In today’s digital marketing world, there is n number of tools with which each of your website performance metrics can be evaluated. Whatever be your business, be that a product or service, in order to know the profit or how your company turns over, it’s important that you define your key performance metrics. It’s also specific that you regularly measure your goals by, for example,  when you check the traffic of your content, you need to see how the fluctuations in the traffic numbers are affecting your conversion rate. You can see what time, which days, how much hits you receive for your website which will help you plan the digital marketing strategy.

In order to know the game and win in this digital marketing court, you need to get the most of a campaign, reporting on targets, goals, and KPIs on a consistent basis. By analyzing this, you can tweak goals that are not working for you and focus on those that are getting results.

On a concluding note, we like to add that creating a strong social marketing plan starts with knowing your brand and clearly understanding its goals. With many available resources, you can leverage the brand growth by knowing what works for you and what not. Which is the exact reason why you need to spread and firm the roots and execute the growth plan well.

How do you decide if a product is good? or A hotel serves good food or how to decide to watch a movie or not? You just don’t rely on the product description or the menu cards or synopsis the clients provide us, You check for customer reviews. You read about experiences each customer had with a product or service before you purchase them. Read More

Social sweepstakes have evolved as a lucrative marketing strategy for brands. In a first, it was just to engage the onboard customer and attract possibly new customers. Today, the concept has evolved seriously for collecting a serious amount of user-generated data for curating future marketing plans and strategies. Running contests is a matter of getting the customer skills to test. In return, the business can offer freebies and prices to get them motivated. However, when social media platforms are continuing to evolve social media sweepstakes has become more interesting and challenging.

The era of the empowered customer has forced brands to curate social sweepstakes, especially product giveaway marketing with a more cautious and focused approach. Unlike the old times, the customers or more profoundly, the young online savvy generation is looking forward to making connections with the brand more intimately. Social sweepstakes are adding serious impetus to this win-win situation and thus helping brands to build a bond with the audience and conquer the market. Today, expert social media marketing consultants are curating sweepstake campaigns with a lot of benefits for brands.

Customer Engagement

The thumb rule of all campaigns is to initiate customer engagement. In the case of social sweepstakes, there is no difference. In a time period where the customer is looking forward to establishing longer business relationships, sweepstakes facilitate deeper connections and constantly inspire them to make the first move and reach out to brands. Today brands leverage the rule of reciprocation in campaigns – which impart a feeling to the customer where they feel like they should return some favor to the brand as well.

Email List

In the modern day, data is the king. Sweepstakes can be a valuable source of lead generation for business. Today, conventional ads fail to generate ample leads, people like to spend time online and find avenues of engagement. Get them the right mix of informative, engaging and entertaining campaign ideas through sweepstakes and enrich your data with immense possibilities of business growth.

Inspire Virality

We all know how campaigns become viral overnight and change the fortunes of a brand in a whisker of time. Provide customers with unique and viral experience so that they feel more familiar with the brand. Viral content will convince more audience to share and propagate the brand message. The last thing you will notice is publishing the ad and when you wake up in the morning you will find trending!

Brand Advocacy

Once you will establish followers, they will act as your brand advocates. In today’s highly connected world, we cannot really measure the result of brand advocacy. Sweepstakes like what Google Payrolled out recently is one of the prime examples of transforming customers to a significant marketing channel for the brand. Supercharge your business publicity with the best social sweepstakes company Kochi.

Improve Business

Once you have channelized the whole concept, you will have a large number of the audience getting in touch with you. This means business will get loyal and authentic comments from customers to improve the business. Get real-time feedback on your service and products to derive valuable insights on revamping the business strategies. Happy trails ahead this Christmas and facelift your business to unseen levels!

The upswing of social media has paved way for brands with a golden opportunity to connect with their prospects and customers. With a lot of verticals of social media available today, businesses have a lot of tools to educate and inform customers about their business and services. Hence, it is essential for your business to have a social media presence. But by simply having a social media arm for your business doesn’t ensure success. It needs to be timely fed and nurtured with strategies to churn out the best for you.

The easiest way to evaluate the success of your social media business strategy is to touch it with your competitor. Conducting a social media competitor analysis allows you to make a benchmark of where your business is progressing and where your business is demanding for more. Your business gets real-time valuable insights on various areas where you need to give more attention. Well, we have simplified the process in order to make you understand various aspects of conducting a social media analysis.

Identify the competitors

Even if you fail to forge a complete growth strategy for your business, it is quintessential to know the competitor strategy. Follow your competitor and how they are leveraging the strategies in social media. Closely watch their approaches in making social media content, graphics, images, videos, AdWords etc to have a detailed idea. Today, business don’t need to pour more money into marketing. They just need to use social media and some right strategies to lure more users.

Social media especially platforms like Instagram and Facebook can yield double benefits in terms of reach in an organic way compared to a paid format of the same. That’s why competitive analysis in marketing has evolved as a major facet for a digital marketing agency. Searching in Google is the simplest strategy to find your competitors. Search on the internet using the keywords that most accurately determine people to find out your business.

Once you find out the competitor, search their website and check for the social media accounts in the footer or header of the website. Evaluate their activity within a particular time period, record the number of followers and the likes they are receiving in respective social media platforms. Check for the number of promotional activities they do and make a detailed excel sheet or spreadsheet detailing the comparison. The duration of the process depends on how competitive is your industry within a particular area.

As you filtered down the preliminary data, all you need is to dig up data. Other than just looking at the number of followers and subscribers, you will need to look for additional features and functionalities that are used in the social media. SEO competitor analysis tools will derive amazing insights like total messages sent, post-breakdown strategies, customer engagements for content and respective posts. All these acts as additional metrics for perfectly compiling competitor analysis.

Social media essentials like tagging posts, using hashtags, guest activities, sending trending, popular and relevant choices can make all the difference in social media success. Gaze at the number of promotional posts of products, sale or contests. Interpret then tone of the message conveyed by your competitor, whether it’s advocating something to the audience like the call to action. All these aspects are crucial in knowing what your competitor do so that you can actually start your process on the right note.

With the severe upswing of social media, influencer marketing has become one of the promising slices in digital marketing. The concept had its humble beginnings in the period of 2006 – 2010 era, where the Twitter and Instagram were launched. But back then, it was an unsung hero probably because the world waited for the smartphone revolution and the mobile app dominance to happen in full swing. From its humble beginnings and series of evolutions, today when we view the importance of social media in daily life, we can find that influencer marketing is the next buzzword in the market.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of paid marketing that relies on the leaders of social media to drive the brand’s message to the market. Besides reaching out directly to the target audience, social influencer campaigns pass a brand message through individuals who have mass followership in social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram etc. These campaigns will go hand in hand and adds value to the conventional way of social media marketing. Either the brand will create content to be broadcasted or the influencer will create themselves.

How influencer marketing evolved?

The era of social networking sites was popularly prevalent from the days when Orkut and Facebook were launched in 2004. A couple of years back we witnessed the launch of Twitter. But things took a drastic change when Instagram stormed into the social media platform by 2010. Close to a decade after its inception, today, there are a lot of social influencers Instagram accounts that can easily create brand awareness to thousands of people and with good reasons. Influencers add seamless value to brand identity and promotions in ways that traditional advertisers can’t even think of achieving in a similar way.

What are the emerging trends?

Digital marketing companies are today holding the priceless tag of influencer marketing agency under their shield to capture the audience attention. Around 60 percent of the agencies are planning to increase their spends on influencer marketing by 2019. Influencer marketing is less annoying but more relatable to the audience, who already have established their fan following with the influencer. However, everything in marketing comes with a catch. Before understanding the possible impacts of the influencer marketing, you cannot successfully curate and run a paid influencer campaign.

What to consider for influencer marketing?

  • Define the target audience – The audience you intend to target should be specific. The more relative you are with the audience, the more are the chances for you to find the right influencer.
  • Clear objectives – Every minute element in your marketing strategy should be aligned with what are you trying to achieve. You can also measure the impact of your campaign and get analytics.
  • Selecting the influencers – The influencer you choose should be suiting the business idea. If the influencer is related to the business idea in a precise way, then it can create a robust influence.

It is essential to understand the purpose of why you need to be careful in the above aspects. The brand should know which social media platform is accounting for their niche conversations. Businesses should be aware of how their service and the influencer will motivate the user. They should possess a clear idea of how fragmented their audience is. The more you know about the niche and the target audience, the more you are likely to raise the bars of rightly adopting the influencer marketing trends.

We have reached the last quarter of 2018 and digital marketing is facelifting with a lot of developments. Among the many factors, the evolution of chatbots assumes great significance for having taken the industry by a storm. Chatbots are a fruitful slice of technology that is capable of interacting with online prospects and customers in real time. Don’t think too much, you already know the applied versions like Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant. In the vast terminology of digital marketing services, terms like Artificial Intelligence, Live Chat and Sales Automation rhyme closely with the concept of chatbots. Let’s evaluate what these terms mean and how it affects the sales process.

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How do you decide if a product is good? or A hotel serves good food or how to decide to watch a movie or not? You just don’t rely on the product description or the menu cards or synopsis the clients provide us, You check for customer reviews. You read about experiences each customer had with a product or service before you purchase them. Read More

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