How long your social media content lasts ?

How long your social media content lasts ?

It is not important to be active in all social media platform 24/7, rather be smart in choosing the one which is more effective for you. Find the best methods to attract traffic from those mediums. Isn’t your business linked to social media communities yet ? Then you are missing one by third of the world population to become your prospects . Each day more than 60 million status updates on Facebook are being shared by the millions of users. When it comes to twitter and YouTube, in every second 750+ tweets are being tweeted and 4 billion videos are being streamed respectively.

Does these people know about your company? It is very important to get noticed in social media through the user likes, share, and conversations. .

Before starting your business online, try to ponder out these questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Which Geo locations you want to target?
  • How is my audience searching (Organic / Inorganic)?
  • Which social media sites are right for your business?

Leading a social media strategy is not an easy task , a lot of factors like timing, content, audience have to be considered. Some of these sites are so worthy of the time you spend on it and you have to keep on working aligning the industry changes and user behavior.


1) Facebook

Facebook is the biggest of all social media networks with 1.3 billion active users from around the world. Almost 50% of the Facebook users check their profile at least once a day. And they spent an average time of 18min per visit.

Not only personal posts works here but also sharing your business updates, blogs, images, videos etc on your profile or targeted groups can make wonders to bring you business. The life span of a facebook post is 5 hours after which there is very less chance to get reach. So you have maximum of 5 hours to promote your post to the maximum no:of audience.


2) Twitter

It is an action place. It is a simple task to measure the potential of your twitter page. A Twitter page with an average of 200 followers, 300 Tweets, and 170 minutes of daily engagement considers to be stable. About half of the twitter users use it daily and 30% of twitter users are online everyday.

Is twitter a lead generation platform? Not at all. It is just to keep your brand alive or loyal. Existing customers on twitter always prefer to follow their favorite brand even if the process is consistent. There is a high chance to get them visit your business page and get interested on it. This means that you have a new follower who could be a prospect someday. The lifespan of a twitter post is just 18 minutes and that means whatever the content you have, get it promoted in faster pace of time.


3) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an exclusive professional network.  in every second there will be a thousands of new registrations to LinkedIn Community. LinkedIn could be targeted for B2B and not B2C.

There are certain rules you should follow while doing linkedin promotion:

  • Company page

Create your company page by finding your proper audience. Run a snappy scan for members who will fit for your profile. Examine their profiles to identify the topics they discuss about. This will help you to plan how to build your page. To get started with your company page, all you need is your company logo and a profile description.

  • Make your page easy to find

Include your organization specialities, connections, images, offers, awards etc to make it content rich.  The life span of a LinkedIn post is 24 hours, so make sure that you take advantage of your current online presence. Link your page on your company website, blog, and other platforms to drive more traffic.