Local Marketing and Brand Management through local citation

Local Marketing and Brand Management through local citation

There are multiple factors supporting the success of a digital marketing campaign. Among that, local listing plays an important role in helping the business building a local identity. Which in-turn boost up their SEO ranking. In 2017, where people use smartphones for majority of searches, it is high time for you to get listed in major citation cites. Search engines are getting smarter and smarter each day and so should you.

To know – Local Citation

Google is now focusing more on showing nearby locations(localised searches) and that is where local listings come into play. Local citation is defined as the online notation of a business which will probably include their Name, Location, Contact details and images. All these data are crawled by search engines to show the best results in accordance with user’s query.

Some of the mostly viwed listings sources are  directory sites, yellow pages,  Chamber of Commerce websites, social media, review sites such as Yelp, Google+, My Business and Bing Places. Mentioning company details on their own website doesn’t count as a local listing.

All local citation sites gives you a freedom to include a link back to your website. No matter which link(homepage or deeplink), it will benefit you in terms of local SEO. This is much more than making a manual bank link to support your SEO efforts.

Why Local Businesses need Citations ?

Local citation sites gets more crawling and indexing than any other websites as Google considers it as trustworthy. So each link you receive from local citation sites are trustworthy. These local listings helps customers to reach you when they look out for the services you offer. For example, if a user is searching for “restaurants near me”, Google will automatically track the location and list restaurants near to him. The customer will see your restaurant if you promote it with relevant contact information. Local citation sites make it easy for you and as it also holds a feature to post reviews, its get more easier for him to choose which is the best choice.  

With the help of search engine algorithms, each listings will be crawled and only the legitimate and verified listings are shown to viewers. This is why you should take care in submitting details to local listing sites, always update real data and maintain consistency.


An ultimate checklist for local listing

1. Use the correct address of your business in all listings

2. Keep everything documented, the sites you use, logins and the information you have updated in them. If there should be any changes in future, this data will really come handy.

3. Do a rough search whether your business is already listed on any citation sites you choose. Some of the listing sites will automatically share the listings with their partner sites.

4. Look for any changes in locations, services etc on existing submissions.

5. Start with high domain authority and reliable sites other than simply submitting to all available resources out there.

6. Optimize listings for better results. Add business information with relevant images. Try to respond to reviews.

7. Track and update the information and never let incorrect information about your business reach consumers.

As Closure
Local citation is one of the most effective tactic for getting better out of local search engine optimization. Following the right path will revard the business to grow digitally as well as to create a local awareness. Remember that Local listing is just an ingredient of the flavor but the most important ingredient.