Instagram for Brand Awareness and Business development

Instagram for Brand Awareness and Business development

Today, Instagram is a must-have tool to grow your business. Now there are more than five hundred million users in this social network. It is an essential social media platform for not only connecting and engaging with existing consumers, but also for acquiring new users as well. But Instagram is not just about sharing images, it can also be used to build an essential digital marketing strategy.

Best Practices in Instagram

There are many things which will help you in instagram for digitally marketing your brand. If you don’t have the time to deal with Instagram then you can definitely go for a pro who is skilled in this field.

1.The stories that convey:
Like Snapchat, Instagram started their story telling model in 2016. Most of the Instagram users got excited for this. Millions of stories are being shared in the Instagram which showcases people’s lives, their brands or promote products and services. Brands publish their stories for getting better visibility for their business and make a connection with the audience.
You are not late here, Put little effort in signing up for instagram and start sharing your stories. Instagram stories are a great way to get your content in front more people, tap into location stories and engage existing followers. Try to keep your audience engaged with useful and engaging posts rather than spamming it out.

2.Run a contest:
The better way to reach to customers is to host contests with ‘follow’ and ‘tag a friend’ options. This will keep your audience(in the same field of interest) engaged as well as you parallelly publicize your brand name or product.

3.Get the help of paid ads:
Advertising through Instagram is one of the best way to get your quality content to the target audience in the specified way. Through facebook ads manager we can filter the audience and get that delivered to the exact people in Instagram too. This need minimal budget and can gain good results. You can monitor the performance using ad manager dashboard, where you can make changes for your campaigns at any time.

4. Build a rapport with your audience:
Be connected with your followers always. This will maintain your image in their mind and any future announcements and stories won’t need an additional introduction. Give replies to their comments, clear their queries so they will have a positive opinion about you. Show how legitimate you are by sharing your success stories, client base and reviews. Provide discounts and offers for engaging customers that may attract more people to follow your brand.

5.Team Up:
Try to team up with some of the best influencers in your industry while hosting events, contests etc. This is one of the effective ways for increasing your brand awareness. Keep in mind that the influencer you choose should be in your same industry and should be in a professional level where his reviews will create an impact among your audience.
Social media plays a vital role in this modern world to create a good rapport with customers. Consider instagram as an essential platform for your digital marketing strategy. There are many other ways to make instagram effective for your brand awareness. Make sure to utilize all the amazing possibilities Instagram can offer you.