Including Author URL in Article Schema, An Acceptable And Favourable Suggestion By Google

SEO tools and strategies are all aimed at increasing traffic to your sites and in  enabling you to savour the benefits beyond it. Author URL property is a new and recommended property that allows one to add article structured markup. The author URL in article schema is essentially a link to a particular page that uniquely identifies the author of the article. To help disambiguate the correct author, Google recommends adding an author URL in article schema, especially when multiple writers have the same names.

Though author URL property is not something that is new, what is meant by new in this context is Google’s recommendation to use author URL in Article Schema which helps in disambiguating the exact and correct author of a particular article.

Some of you already might be using the markup on your site and hence this is just going to be another added field.

As Google has the capacity to distinguish and understand both sameAs and URL, Google indicates that the sameAs property can also be used as an alternative to the author URL.

Once, Google’s John Mueller had spoken about the reconciliation process of Google, using which the search engines look for URLs in bio pages. Hence, this recent update of Google to adding author URL in article schema looks much promising and effective.

Which URL Should You Use in Author Markup?

Google doesn’t specify this. Whether a social media link or a link to the author’s homepage are to be marked up isn’t specifically mentioned by Google. But, it definitely seems that if the markup points to the author’s bio page on the same domain where the article is published, it could be the best feature on Google.


As Google’s Quality Raters seek for information about the authors while manually evaluating websites, a markup to the author’s bio page looks favourable.  A content could be rated as ‘low’ or ‘lowest’ quality one if there isn’t adequate information about who wrote the article.

Though an effective way to communicate with Google’s quality raters would be a markup to the author’s bio page, these guidelines don’t actually state that in specific.

Providing more information about the author helps in disambiguating the authors and is actually an additional proof that you will be giving Google to help it indicate that your content is of high quality.

Hence, in order for the system to be able to find a reliable link to an author page, it would be wise to create one such social network profile page for the particular author on whosoever name you would be publishing the articles. The author page would serve the point of being indicated as a central place. So, whenever some article is published, by this author name, you can give the link to that social network profile page.

In Brief

When you have a link in an author bio on another site, it allows you to gain domain authority and traffic. Which is beneficial for your SEO activities. Hence, the best possible solution to enable Google to determine the correct author, is making use of this feature of adding URL markup. Adding the author URL in the article schema feature of Google, enables bio page links that could link to the author’s social media page and enable correct author identification and also differentiate between you and another author with the same name.