How to create Mobile-Friendly Content

It is no secret that Mobile is king in today’s digital landscape. By 2019, mobile advertising is forecasted to represent 72 percent of all US online ads. With the world heading towards mobile, it is high time that brands focus on delivering mobile friendly content, says a leading digital marketing company based in San FranciscoWith shift to Mobile-First Indexing by Google, and page load speed emerging as a ranking factor, making mobile friendly content is imperative for better search ranking and overall SEO.

Let’s explore some methods to make your brand ready for the mobile-dominant world in 2018.


Start with text optimization

In order to create mobile-friendly content, you need to understand how users read content on mobile devices. As shown in the image, 68% of a user’s attention is on the centre and top half. The upper two-thirds grab 86% attention.  Text below this point is rarely viewed. Nevertheless it is advised to optimize the entire content piece.

text optimization - mobile

Get to know mobile copywriting


Go for short and crisp headlines. As per CoSchedule, titles with about 6 words get the maximum click-throughs. Don’t forget to make your titles catchy to grab the user’s attention.



Make sure that your content is easily readable. Divide your content into different easily digestible segments, include subheads and write short paragraphs, these are few things you can do to improve overall readability.


Go for shorter words

It is preferred to go for more precise and shorter words while creating mobile content. Here is a list of numerous wordy phrases and their smaller alternatives.


Optimize your images and videos

Incorporating images is very crucial to make your content more readable and interesting.  But the catch here is that your images must be optimized for mobile devices otherwise it could end up consuming extra space and also add to the page load time.


Page load time and images

Your page load is a crucial factor when it comes to engaging users or them hitting back the search results. Below are some tips to ensure speedy image load:

  • Make use of compression
  • Use responsive resizing tools
  • Try creating pre-optimized images

Go for a preview process once the content is ready. Check on your mobile device to see if there is enough white space to keep the content readable.


Optimize your videos

With videos emerging to be a favourite among users, it is essential that your videos are optimized for the mobile platform. Make sure your text is readable and embed third-party video hosting services on to your website to ensure bitrates and compression is already optimized.


Optimize your Design

It is not enough to optimize text, images and videos. You need to optimize your design too.


Go for Responsive Design

A responsive design can be used across all platforms and as the screen size changes, content also changes to fit within the same.

Responsive design

Get rid of Sidebars

Sidebars are a great way to enhance user experience on a desktop but not on mobile platforms as it usually gets pushed down to the bottom of the page and is seldom used.

Keep up with trends to provide an excellent user experience irrespective of the device used by them.