How Does PPC Work?

All of us are regular users of the internet and make use of Google and other search engines on a frequent basis. Hence during such instances, we all must have noticed various ads that appear alongside these search engines. Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and Display Ads are some of the forms of online advertising. 


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

These online advertisements are known as Pay-Per-Click advertising models. Here, the advertiser pays each time a user clicks on their online ads. Though there are different types of PPC ads, the basic and common form is the paid search ad. 

When people search the internet for products or services, these online ads appear. These ads pop up the most when users are searching for commercial purposes; like to buy something online. Online ads appear during the course of your action when anything you search online to buy or seek information about, like, restaurants near me or searching for a local service like a saloon, ENT specialist, or plumber in your area. The value or kind of item or service you search for has got nothing to do with the appearance or non-appearance of these search ads. Whether you look for online gifting shops or high-end services like an enterprise software, all of these trigger the pay-per-click ads. 

The businesses that run these ads on Google, YouTube or any search platform, are charged only when a user clicks on that particular ad. Hence, such ads are named as “pay-per-click.” 

Yet another form of PPC advertising includes display advertising; such as serving banner ads and remarketing.


How Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Work?

As a business enterprise, if you wish to have your ads displayed alongside the results on a search engine, which is commonly known as SERP or the search engine results page, your ads should enter the Ad Auction process. This is an entirely automated process that major search engines like Google and others make use of. Ad Auction is the automated process that helps determine the relevance and validity of each advertisement that appears on the SERP. 

Being an expert social media agency and knowing the pro tactics in search engine marketing, we help you leverage your social media presence by rightly getting your ads through the Ad Auction process. To make your ads appear more prominent than your competitor’s ads are managed profoundly by us. 

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The Most Popular Types of PPC

Though there are several ad networks on the social media platforms that allow you to run PPC ads, some of them are more popular than others. Undoubtedly, Google AdWords is the most popular type of PPC of the lot. Google allows you to run ads on search results as well as on private websites.

But Google is not the only search engine in town. Bing is yet another platform that has its own version of PPC. Running ads on Bing allows you to experience PPC on a variety of Microsoft search properties and partners.

Facebook also offers businesses a PPC advertising model. Running an advertisement is a much sorted-out option amongst many marketers because it’s relatively inexpensive.

We can help you run the best PPC display ads that are a great alternative to the boring, text-based ads that are run on a lot of websites. A retargeting campaign can also be run with a PPC. This will be a great way to reel in customers who’ve already visited your website.


How Much Does PPC Cost?

PPC campaigns are based on keywords and some keywords cost more than others. Because they’re in higher demand. For eg: if you want to run an ad with “car insurance” as the keyword, it’s going to cost you a lot more per click as it is a much-demanded keyword. 

But nothing to worry about, as most ad networks give you the option to set a budget. You can actually set and decide the costing that suits your budget and choose the keyword accordingly.

You can set your campaign with a given specific budget. For example, you might run a campaign with a budget of $100 per day. Once the limit is exhausted, the ad network will turn off your ads for the rest of the day and so you don’t spend any more.


What is the role of keywords in Pay-Per-Click advertising?

Ad Auction, as the name implies, is a bidding system. This means that if you want your products or services ads to run on the search engines that you prefer, you must bid on those terms that you want to ‘trigger’ or display the ads. These terms are known as keywords.

When a user submits his search query, the search engine performs complex algorithmic calculations. This is based upon the Ad Auction. This determines which ads are displayed, in which order, and by which advertiser.

As an advertiser, you have to pay for each click on your ads. Hence only bid on those keywords that are relevant to your business and you are sure to get ROI from them.

To find the right keywords to bid on, make use of the keyword tool.  

Enhance your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns

Managing a successful paid search account needs devoted time and effort, which can be extended by us to you. Growing your valuable business through PPC can be attained with our expertise and knowledge. 

While you focus on growing your business and helping your customers, we provide you with complete guidance and assistance in a step-by-step manner. 


Bottom Line

Our search engine marketing tools connect your business securely to your Google AdWords and Bing Ads accounts. Our campaigns enable you to see a wealth of data that would be otherwise difficult to access in one centralized location. Thereby we help to optimize your AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns to increase conversions, maximize return on investment, and grow your business.