How Digital Marketing Influences Political Campaigns In 2020?

The success of a great political campaign largely depends on how effectively a party or a politician is able to take a message to the masses. Organizing a mass rally, hitting the streets, going door to door, leaflets, television, radio – all these have been powerful tools of communication for political campaigns over the years. 


Needless to say, things have changed in a big way. The crux of all political campaigns and endeavors now begins with the Digital. With the growth of social media, all parties and leaders have taken themselves to the Web, throwing open never-before possibilities. 


Let’s have a look at how political campaign marketing strategies can be used effectively to promote both political campaigns and politicians alike. 

Social Media and Politicians 

Every politician needs to promote himself/herself to be familiar and dear to the people. The digital space, spearheaded by social media platforms provides an ideal opportunity to accomplish this. Politicians get to connect with their followers and even influence new followers. Party news, updates, images, videos, events and all the latest activities can be posted instantly and the people will get to know about it. Not only does this provide the politician an opportunity to express his views and ideas, the webspace also empowers the common man to react to those ideas and engage with their leader. We’ve seen over the past few years how even a Twitter complaint by ordinary people has inspired politicians to take actions and find solutions to problems. 

How does social media influence political campaigns ?

Social Media is widely used by all political parties as a tool to spread their propaganda. It’s a platform to market election campaigns, portfolios of politicians and various other aspects that people need to know before going out to vote. The motive is simply to make the people believe what they have to say. Some of the ways in social media influence political campaigns to include: 


People these days tend to pay more attention to the live news, updates, debates and such stuff that happens in social media sites. 

Election results

Parties and news channels have social media pages where they constantly give details regarding a live election result coverage. This is easy news for the people. 

Interacting with politicians

Thanks to social media, even common men can now directly interact with big politicians by posting comments and messages on social media platforms. 

Find a targeted audience 

Depending on what a party wishes to promote, they can find the right audience through specific targeting via social media. 

Going viral

If it’s viral, it is a hit; and is for sure effective. So if any party or politician wishes to make some content viral, what better platform than social media for this.  


Social Media Fundraising is an amazing way for political parties and politicians to raise funds for their election campaigns.

How to build a digital strategy for political campaigns?

Let’s see how a good digital marketing strategy can be arrived at in order to fetch the best results. 

Cover everything

Social Media isn’t enough. You need to employ a mix of all digital tools including websites, optimization, ads and all that goes into effective digital marketing. 

Have a website

Keep the website the center of all your communication. This helps hold the entire process together and give the campaign a solid face. 

Use Email marketing

Email marketing is still an effective way to reach out to the masses. It lends a personal touch and people are known to be influenced by them. 


Sending direct SMS using automated software to a big bulk of people is a digital strategy that really works magic. 

Social Media

Obviously no campaign is complete these days, without having an active presence in social media sites. It’s a proven platform and is here to stay. Make use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube in making sure that you find the people everywhere and keep communicating with them. 


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