Google’s take on: Content or Affiliate Links? Which is Essential?

Affiliate links were being used as part of the affiliate program where the affiliate’s ID or username to record the traffic generated out of the various SEO processes is sent to the advertiser’s website. Hence, we know that affiliate is a specific URL. As a major strategy of content marketing, more than one affiliate link is made use of. This has been validated by Google and it mentions that as long as the main content adds value to the web, there isn’t an issue with having too many affiliate links on a page.

The ultimate goal is that your page’s main content should turn useful to the searchers. As long as this gets satisfied, there isn’t a problem in having multiple affiliate links. Google’s John Mueller had stated during the Google Search Central SEO hangout that had taken place on 6th August, 2021, that one can use as many affiliate links as he wants and there would be no penalty or demotion with this regard.


What Has Google Got To Say About Having Affiliate Links?

Muller had also mentioned that as far as SEO is concerned, a page can have as many affiliate links as it might want, provided that is used correctly and are placed within useful contents.

The point that Muller highlighted is that, your webpage must serve its basic purpose of providing information to its searchers and if that part is fulfilled, then there is no bad effect or problem that you will encounter by having too many affiliate links on your page.

He had also pointed out that there is no relevance to the number of affiliate links or the ratio of affiliate links to the length of the article. All that Google looks for in particular is that in order to show a site in the search results, there must definitely be some valuable content in it, which people are searching for. That aspect has to be fulfilled by your page.

Essentially, when a user is searching for something similar to your product or service, Google needs a reason to show your webpage on that search. Which will happen only if your contents are worth it. Hence, affiliate links aren’t the ones doing the wonders here, but it is your content.

Concentrating too much on having affiliate links and forgoing what your content can actually do is like efforts wasted. Google is only looking for your content and not your affiliate links or how many of those you are having.

Your SEO activities don’t get boosted by having affiliate links. If the content is not valuable, then the ranking also doesn’t happen even if you have a dozen affiliate links.

Muller also says that irrespective of the fact that your webpage has affiliate links or not, if your content is a copy of another retailer’s site, Google wouldn’t show up your page on top of the search.


In Brief

Having affiliate links or not is not going to count. Your ranking and better SEO performances are contributed by having worthy content marketing strategies. If you want Google to show you on top of the searches, start concentrating on strategizing your contents effectively. For more insights on the type of content that Google would mark valuable in this context, it is recommended to review the guidance provided by Google, based on the product reviews algorithm update.