Google Image Search to drive ecommerce and sales

Creating awareness and attracting the attention of the audience is the first step in the process of any digital marketing company. Employing the right use of keywords for your website is the key to increase your page rank and website visibility in search engines. SocialPulsar, a highly reputed digital marketing agency in San Francisco uses the same strategy. If creating more awareness about your products and services to your target customers is your aim, then the SEO strategies that is offered by your digital marketing company does the job for you. And one main way to drive your ecommerce and sales is through Google Image Search.

According to the recent reports, Google Images receives a whopping 26.79% of all searches. And to add on to this, Google images also receives 7X more searches than YouTube, and 10X more than both Bing and Yahoo search. But unfortunately, despite the massive traffic e-tailers are not taking advantage of this channel and some don’t know that this is one massive way to increase your page rank and website visibility in search engines. And this technique is used widely for social media marketing and to drive sales.

When we put together both the huge traffic it drives and the recent change in the Google Images search algorithm, the Ecommerce sites with incredible imagery could be sitting on a goldmine. This is also something that the Ecommerce sites don’t realize.

Now the question is what exactly was Googles update that’s of great advantage to these sites?

The update basically funnels more traffic off of Google to the site where the image is actually hosted, rather than displaying the image on Google itself.  The Google Search Liaison team recently posted this update that says:

Today we’re launching some changes on Google Images to help connect users and useful websites. This will include removing the View Image button. The Visit button remains, so users can see images in the context of the webpage’s they’re on.

Did you think it was just one small change? But no, in fact, one of the best SEO companies in San Francisco – SocialPulsar says, it will have a dramatic effect on the amount and quality of image-based traffic to ecommerce retailers.

So considering not only this as an advantage, but let’s see a few more tips on how to drive your traffic and sales through Google Image Search.

Here are three things you can do to take advantage of this shift:

  1. Optimizing Your Images

  • Name your images descriptively and in plain language
  • Optimize your alt attributes carefully
  • Choose your image dimensions and product angles wisely
  • Reduce the file size of your images
  • Choose the right file type
  • Optimize your thumbnails
  • Use image sitemaps
  • Beware of decorative images
  • Test your images
  1. Improve Your Imagery

It is easily visible that on Pinterest and Instagram, beautiful lifestyle images perform much better than product-based shots. And this same concept works on Google images as well. So it’s very important to improve your photo taking skills.

  1. Leverage Your Happy Customers.

How this works is that you would have to pay attention to the customers that enjoy the product, and so immediately this becomes an advantage, as in images they post would be tagged with the product name which is highly likely to be noticed by a bigger crowd.

If we take the example of Retailer Lauren James, it’s clear this Ecommerce company uses this strategy very successfully.  There are thousands of lifestyle images submitted by customers in their #lifeisbetterinlj tag on Instagram.

As a reputed San Francisco SEO company, SocialPulsar follows many other strategies along with Google image search technique for the round-the-clock services for all your needs in the marketing world.