Doing business in the automated world

We have reached the last quarter of 2018 and digital marketing is facelifting with a lot of developments. Among the many factors, the evolution of chatbots assumes great significance for having taken the industry by a storm. Chatbots are a fruitful slice of technology that is capable of interacting with online prospects and customers in real time. Don’t think too much, you already know the applied versions like Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant. In the vast terminology of digital marketing services, terms like Artificial Intelligence, Live Chat and Sales Automation rhyme closely with the concept of chatbots. Let’s evaluate what these terms mean and how it affects the sales process.

Why Automation and Live Chat?

Think about a cloth store owner who closes his shop at 10 pm. But you might have arrived late that day and intends to see whether the shop has the right choice of dress for your wife. If the shop owner has enabled a real-time chat assistant, he won’t lose a potential customer even when his shop is closed and he is asleep. The chatbot replies to all the queries, suggests the dress for your wife, pop up an in-chat purchase option and conclude the sales process within a matter of minutes. People today need instant gratification and automation and chatbots are two adorable assets fulfilling the wishes of customers. Moving forward, let’s check how instant connectivity bolsters customer relationship.


Consider that you are looking for marketing services in Kochi. You are typing digital marketing Kochi and press enter in Google. You get the top-ranked businesses listing offering the same in the city. You can reach to the website and if the company has a chatbot, then they can instantly seek for answers to queries even in the middle of the night. Leveraging a chatbot assistant to your business means you are allowing prospects to connect with you easily, rather than waiting for old-fashioned mail replies or phone calls. Today the machine learning techniques have also evolved to such a level, where it trains the chatbot to deliver emotional and personal touch just like interacting through a personal phone call.

Sales Cycle

Chatbots can make the tedious sales process much easier. It enables fewer efforts from the sales staff to conclude sales and fill the pipeline. Every website today has a chat box enabled to answer clients 24×7. Chats bots are well trained to understand the requirements even before we intend to purchase the product or service. It enables the business to proactively engage with customers based on the pages he/she has clicked. In this way, leads are generated based on their points of interest to help the whole CRM process in a more meaningful way. Automated tasks can engage customers in a contextual way, classify and engage leads in the high priority manner.