Digital Media Marketing lookup over Conventional Marketing

Digital Media Marketing lookup over Conventional Marketing

Marketing is a boon to technology. The origin of marketing concepts came after the Second World War in 1950. As time passed on, it gets splitted into two disciplines i.e., Traditional and Digital Marketing. You can differentiate these two disciplines to marketing based on many different things like cost, reaches, speed etc. In every case you could come up with its advantages and disadvantages.

Marketing is like a human brain with left and right side. On right brain it follows traditional concepts with creative and intuitive approach and on the left, it follow digital with linear and analytical approach. Traditional Marketing methods include Print Media, Broad Cast Media and it has proven techniques with high success rate. Digital practices include Social Media sites, Content Marketing, Banner Ads, Email-Marketing and Video Marketing which are cost-effective methods to get direct response from intended audience. Digital Marketing builds meaningful connection with audience and then you can tailor-fit your marketing efforts.  In marketing we need a keen observation on:

  • Choosing the type of medium that is more cost-effective
  • Choose your target audience
  • Grab a strategy which provides maximum reaches
  • Choosing the proper platform that gives a tangible response
  • Measure the Website traffic

It is the Traditional Marketing that pulls to focus your online initiatives in a great way to expand your business. Traditional stay apart from being digital is in the way it tracks the marketing success. For e.g., A cake shop owner, he wants to bring his business worldwide and we will see how both kind of marketing helps him out. When going with Traditional Marketing-tv and radio ads, posters, holdings, mouth-to-mouth publicity brings attention to certain audience only but when comes to digital- Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing which helps to bring the ROI (Return Of Investment) to the investor as well as publicity. Digital Marketing Campaigns makes it easier to track, reach and measure specific goals with tracking tools such as Google Analytics or Webmaster. In traditional its harder to track your performance for  i.e., when you are done with a content, adding in Social Media networks is always suggestive rather than putting in newspaper, print medias because it helps to show the impressions and engagements of the visitors to our content. Digital Marketing gives direct response for their efforts even with limited efforts.

When comparing the growth of technology magazines, newspapers and journalists has drop in trust and in meanwhile, Digital Marketing is showing an attractive growth. The demand for digital marketing will grow because most of the people are always under the influence of their phones, millions of people are online everyday and presence in Social Media Networks (FB, twitter, Instagram etc ) helps to track out the audience reach.

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