Brand Development through Tweeting

Brand Development through Tweeting

Are you waiting to start your business on Twitter ? It’s time up! Twitter is an awesome medium for branding when you use it in right method for sharing informations, adding value and building your business . In the other hand, it is really super-confusing and waste of time if you are not using it properly.
Here are some tricks and wise procedures to build a business through twitter:


#1 Build your own Brand

It is not an easy thing to frame a proper structure for your brand. Your company bio should be the first priority as it helps to portray people what exactly you offer and how valuable it is ? Uploading images related to your business, website information, location, custom background details and relevant profile description helps to keep your branding healthy.


#2 Traffic to website

Twitter is one of the best platform to attract people to your blog/website. Tweeting any of your posts, blogs followed by its link will attract your viewers which in turn increases your website traffic. One other way to increase your website traffic is by participating in Twitter Chats. This will help you to participate twitter community and build your traffic.


#3 Followers Vs Following

Figure out the right audience by listing out people that you want to follow and harvest a better relationship with the followers. When someone lands to your twitter page, you have a matter of seconds to impress them to follow you, so make sure you’re doing everything with your Bio and branding to ensure that they hit the follow button. With the increase in number of followers, never forget to interact with them. Retweeting is another method to increase your followers and it helps your followers to share your post.


#4 Tweet Away

Due to the instantaneous nature of Twitter you can tweet as much as you can i.e., the lifespan of a tweet is much shorter than posts on other social media platforms. If you have a fresh piece of content about your business or your brand you can tweet it several times a day. Each time when you tweet, it will be reaching to different audience in your network so it helps to increase the traffic


#5 Hashtags

One of the effective ways to promote your tweet is by attaching it to trendy and popular hashtags. Twitter itself will help you in finding the top 10 hashtags on right sidebar of your business page and based on your topics you can go with those hashtags. This method will help to bring out better traffic to your blog or website and helps in increasing the number of followers.

For eg: If your topic is related to Women, add hashtags such as #Fashion #Girls #Deals #Shopping and more


#6 Analyze the performance

1) Always track whether your strategy is working or not.
2) Study which type of blogs or posts are working well with your followers
3) Go to Twitter Analytics Report to get more details about Twitter Impressions, Profile visits, followers etc

The post engagements of your tweets may vary because tweets with images or videos work better than plain text. Another way to get more traffic to your twitter page is by showing how authentic and popular you are, get verified by twitter to dig deep into high end Twitter Marketing Strategies. Many professionals reported that Twitter is the best tool for today’s business. Try to invest little more time on your twitter page, it will make wonders in boosting your business