How to Boost Sales with Content and Social Selling

How to Boost Sales with Content and Social Selling

Salespeople battles for generating new leads. Gone are those days when you take a telephone, make 3 cold calls to achieve prospects and get a meeting or demo out of it. At the present scenario, 95% of sales representatives need more content to showcase their service/product. They look to position better, propel business cases and convince more individuals.

Social selling is when sales executives discover and bring in new prospects by utilizing social media as the medium. The concept is ultimately about building relationships. But before you build them, you need to make sure you choose the right network to grow your audience. After that, you can build relationships that provide value and nurture your leads.  Will these processes help to nurture your leads? Let’s find the ways to dive into it.

1) Pick up the most relevant Social Network

How would you choose which social media platforms are best for your requirements? select the platform that offer best options to reach your audience and pass on the collaterals and documents to increase credibility.

For eg:  Twitter works in around sharing messages, images or video within your followers and those who are interested in your topic. This gives business more chances to speak about themselves in different ways. Facebook is about a long haul commitment and building connections, despite the fact that there’s some quickness as you can communicate directly to customers.

2) Make a wish list of companies and follow them

In all these networks, you could find N no:of Private companies to extensive enterprises through organization profiles or records. By following these organizations, you can be updated about market trends. For example, when a company win an honor (you can send them a “Congratulations!” message) or when they request suggestions (you can send them a welcome to a demo) there opens a doors to build a rapport with the company which may be useful for you in future.
Make a list of things to get off 10-20 dream companies which are active in social media and follow them. Like, retweet and connect with their posts at whatever point feasible.

3) Join in LinkedIn Groups

There are more than 400 million users in LinkedIn. In every second there will be thousands of new registrations to this community. LinkedIn furnishes you with open doors for networking, referrals, and so forth. Keep in mind that, you’re not hoping to blend with sales people here, but more on a professional manner. What you need to do is share information and your offerings to potential customers.

Participating in groups will ensure that you get more visibility among the members.

4) Provide value by sharing relevant content

Most of the B2B companies are not using content wisely. Try sharing a blog or a demo video which details your product and see what changes it brings you. This will help your visitors to easily understand you and your company. There are no limits in adding content because every time you add a fresh content it adds value to your business. Through relevant content, it is easy to educate buyers and build relationships with them.

5) Follow the Right Twitter Users and know your brand

Get to know what the users are talking about your brand through twitter search function. The simple way of getting more engagement is by responding to their suggestions and queries as well as retweeting and linking their posts. Followerwonk is an effective tool to get Twitter profiles matching your service or keyword.

Both content and social selling are the epitome of new age sales. Embrace the prospects, customers, and competitors because they all use social media for their business.  It is not a one-time activity, you also need to know their tactics of how they work on social media especially when you are new into it.