Best of Social Media in 2017

Best of Social Media in 2017

As social media was once known to be unpredictable, it has come a long way from noticeable patterns and trends, making it a whole lot easier for the social media strategists to come up with marketing ideas within a predefined framework.  Social media being the preferred type of media these days for brands, it has the potential for customizing stories and reaching out to a targeted demographic from the very beginning.

Facebook holds the biggest chunk of ad spending revenue (about two-thirds) which companies are shelling out on all of social media sites in total. The same statistic makes it the most relevant so as to be assigned the highest weights while devising the strategy for whole of social media.

The future is mobile for all: Few years ago, experts have predicted the way forward for Facebook’s growth to be mobile. The share of advertising revenue in Facebook’s kitty stood at roughly 80 percent in 2017. Also, the number of users who shall be accessing Facebook only through the mobile app shall also grow exponentially to about 60 percent by the year 2020.

Twitter jumps on the video bandwagon: Although late, but never mind the wait, Twitter has finally acted on the video. Twitter has now integrated the functionality to directly upload videos through its app without needing the users to use a third-party application thus enhancing its overall engagement – an area it has been seen grappling with in the past.

Instagram stories diversifying to desktop: Kicking off as a mobile only feature, Instagram is working on bringing its popular stories feature to desktop too. The respective decision has been taken with a view to maximize the reach of Instagram stories to desktop users of the social media site to extend the benefit of wider reach to companies advertising on Instagram through this development.

Active status feature on LinkedIn’s messenger: Another major development in the Social Media domain this year was the unveiling of the active status feature for the LinkedIn messenger users. So they can get an update on when exactly do their contacts come online. The feature has actually helped LinkedIn enhance its interactive quotient which in turn has translated into higher daily uptime for its users.

Apart from some of the major developments in Social Media listed above there are many smaller tweaks too that have been made in the Social Media domain last year. About which social media company in san francisco are better informed and in case you are also looking for an expert firm to spread the word, all you have to do is ask.