Best Payment Gateways for Digital Business

Best Payment Gateways for Digital Business

In this digital world where you can reach sea of potential customers faster, sell round the clock,remotely operate business anywhere in the world and much more.A payment gateway is a powerful way to ensure hassle-free payments and to reassure the visitors of your e-commerce store about your trustworthiness.

The payment gateway is an e-commerce service that allows merchants to accept all forms of Internet transactions securely via your website. We should keep in mind, if the payment methods on the e-commerce website aren’t set up in the proper manner, we could suffer loss of potential customer. This means you’ll experience a significant drop in sales, because of unsatisfied customers.

Not all the payment gateways Works in the same manner, Selecting the proper one is the difficult task. Below are a few factors you should consider Choosing the right payment gateway

  1. Find out the transition fees associated with a payment gateway is within your budget.
  2. Ensure smooth checkout experience without signing up.
  3. Make sure payment gateway comes with multi-currency support for international business
  4. Identify that there is no limitation to the type of goods you can sell.
  5. Check out whether your payment gateway accept credit card, debit card and PayPal payments.


The following is a list of best payment gateways that can aid your e-commerce business, depending on your requirements.


Google Wallet

Simplified platform to send and receive money. The Google Wallet Card which is linked to a user’s account can also be used a retail business, most of the digital audience have gone mobile, Google Wallet can be a future gateway for an e-commerce business.



This one of the most widely used payment gateways in the world. This American payment gateway provider is the easiest to use, easy to integrate in addition it is ready to start receiving and sending payments online worldwide, even in several currencies. PayPal is a natural choice for most e-commerce businesses that have a large number of international customers.


Citrus Pay

This allow you to give customers the same smooth, seamless checkout process. Having a simple registration and a flexible payment process, besides providing EMI options. However, this requires 5 days for account activation, after the documents are verified by concerned authorities.



It’s one of the best payment gateways, available for all sizes of businesses. The platform includes 100+ payment options, Multiple Currency Processing, Retry Availability & Customization, Audit, Analytics and a large window for active users. If the website is already live, one can integrate the CC Avenue payment gateway for free.

One of the payment gateway space, with lot of experience. They offer quite a few features that other companies don’t, and they’re owned by Visa, so this is a part of reputable company. They are also pretty costly.


Choosing a payment gateway which fits into requirements of every online business is difficult. For Online Reputation Management and Brand Management choose the payment gateway that will work best with your company. Take time to do the research consider the factors such as technology, user experience, innovation, security. See from the aspect of customer with all your needs in mind.