Augmented Reality: The future of Apps and Social Media

Augmented Reality: The future of Apps and Social Media

Last week, all eyes had been on the launch of the three new apple models, namely iphone 8, iphone 8s and iphone X. Every tech and gadget geeks had been tuned in to see what apple have to offer this time and they were not disappointed. This time Apple has stepped up to revolutionize customer experience with its augmented reality feature.

Now for those who does not have an idea about what augmented reality is, a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

All the 3 new phones to be launched will be made to suit Augmented Reality and they have specially designed cameras to adapt to this technology. Now that Apple has unveiled this,few brands have already come up with apps integrated with Augmented Reality that can be used with the new iphones. Many more apps are being designed everyday to join the AR bandwagon. Famous brands like IKEA have already got their apps ready, so let us have a look at some of the Augmented Reality apps first:

1. IKEA:

The topmost in the list is this furniture and the home accessories giant.  Using an IKEA augmented reality app, we will be able to superimpose real size images of products from their store in your home. This will allow the users to actually find out if the particular furniture will actually suit their home.

According to Michael Valdsgaard, Digital Transformation Head of IKEA, it took them 7 weeks to implement this project and it is exclusive for iOS for the time being.

2. The Walking Dead Game

The new version of The Walking Dead Game called ‘Our World’ is all set to be a part of the new iPhone. In Our World, walkers (zombies) appear to crawl out of the corners around you, at intervals, as you continue to play the game forcing you to move and rotate to dodge and fend them off. There are also other enhancements like sewers through which the zombies crawl out to give a complete eerie feeling.

3. Edmunds “Can it Fit?” App

What if you buy a $35,000 SUV only to find that it doesn’t fit in your garage? With Edmunds new Augmented Reality app you can ensure that your garage is big enough for the SUV you are planning to buy. You will get a rough outline of the car in the app and if you place the phone cam facing the garage you will get an idea about how exactly it fits.

4. Giphy World

This app will allows users to place gifs in 3D space and also to share these videos with friends who has these app. You can drop the gifs into the video in the exact position where we want them. Every scene will have a unique URL of it’s own and using this url we will be able to share it. And they can add or mix new event into the scene. According to the head of design of GIPHY’S, the app will be free but will have branded partners providing some content.

5. Food Network in the Kitchen

This is a cute app that lets you decorate virtual desserts. You can drop a dessert into the surface will get a number of options to decorate that. Also you can access the recipe for the base dessert.

6. World Brush Painting App

You can now exhibit your graffiti making skills anywhere and do not have to worry about getting caught by law keepers. This new Augmented Reality app developed by World Brush lets its users create virtual paintings or graffiti. These works will only be visible to other users of the app who are on the same location you have tagged. The artworks will be anonymous, but it can be liked or disliked.


Augmented Reality and Social Media

The reach of Augmented Reality is not going to be limited to just these apps. They have important roles to play in social media too. Augmented Reality is being integrated into social media as never before and it is going to change the way marketing has been done till now.

Snapchat had been the first thing that started using Augmented Reality actively. Though we had Google Glasses before that, it was Snapchat’s face filter feature which became immensely popular with the masses and made Augmented Reality familiar with consumers. The main reason why Snapchat could be credited for popularising Augmented Reality is that everyone could afford and use it with Snapchat. While Google Glasses were only for the wealthy and mighty.

Augmented Reality moved beyond chat with Pokemon Go and Niatic, making it even more popular among masses.

Augmented Reality can do a lot of wonders in marketing. Combining social media marketing and Augmented Reality can take marketing tactics to a whole new level and. Think of all these examples, a clothing brand using Augmented Reality to create a virtual fitting room, furniture stores using it to help consumers decide where to place the furniture etc.

The fact that Augmented Reality will be an important entity in social media in the future is further strengthened by the fact that Facebook is also strategizing to catch up on the augmented reality fever. During their 8th edition of annual conference Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that they are planning to make the mobile camera their first Augmented Reality platform.

AR is developed as a creative and innovative method of connecting with customers and the audience. Marketing companies have already started to tap into the possibilities of Augmented Reality to change the way client communication was done till now.

It goes without saying that Augmented Reality can bring in the wave of changes in the field of social media marketing. With the borderline between reality and fantasy becoming almost non-existent bringing in more customers is going to be more challenging and even more interesting. So let us gear ourselves up and wait for the challenges.