7 ways to acquire inbound leads for the growth of your business


An array of inbound marketing techniques that is implemented in a consistent manner, can turn strangers into customers and promoters of a business. Inbound Marketing is an effective means that provides the visitors necessary information regarding the company. Channels like blogs, social media and search engines are the best ways to achieve this. The role of content marketing takes authority here. By creating specifically designed content, Inbound Marketing strategy can attract qualified prospects, build trust and credibility in a business. 

Mentioned here are a few actionable and creative techniques that spur your lead generation process:


1. Focus on Website Design and Layout

Your business’ website is one of the first interactions that prospective customers will have with your business. The design of your  website is a major factor that the potential customers are looking for while they are purchasing products or availing a service.

They will value your business based on a professionally designed website. Simpler yet impactful layout directly influences the amount of traffic to your website. And has a direct relationship with its revenue. 

Apart from attracting more visitors, the focus must be on keeping them engaged right from the start. Successful engagement of your prospects through solid web content is vital for capturing contact information and converting them into leads. Being a content marketing company, we ensure our clients that their visitors don’t simply bounce from the website without a second thought about the product or services. This, we make it possible through resourceful contents. 

Using live chat with the visitors can increase their experience exponentially. It is also extremely cost effective and  increases sales drastically by turning visitors into potential customers.


2. Content is the king

Experience a drastic increase in prospects by creating and sharing targeted content that answers the questions of prospects and addresses their relevant issues. Quality content attracts more links. Here are some factors that we consider while focusing on content marketing for our clients:

1) Being original

2) Using images and videos that keep the audience engaged

3) Providing simple, short and pointed contents

4) USe of proper fonts and text formatting 

5) Creating contents that is written to a targeted audience

6) Making it easily accessible across all social media platforms 

3. Sharing ideas over blogs and using it as a tool to solve problems

A major chunk of users obtain information and knowledge through the internet and around 23% of their total internet usage time is devoted to social networks or blogs. The emerging significance of using blogging to drive a significant amount of leads into your sales funnel is thus evident.

Blogging gets you found on various search engines and contents get you favourable leads.. Blogging part of content marketing for a business does more than letting followers know about the recent company news and events. The more valuable pages you publish, the higher the search engines like Google ranks your website. Thus, it is evident that an attractive, educational, carefully curated blog acts as a lure to your website visitors.

Blogging helps a business to stay connected with its prospects in a less rigid manner. You can stretch beyond the landing pages of your  website by expanding your content writing beyond the product features, business speech, and boring FAQs.


4. Use of Effective Search engine optimization (SEO

The use of a search engine, helps to get the information to solve a problem. A potential client always wants to overcome the challenges they face. Comparing the first-page results with lower-ranked pages, displays that there is usually an extreme difference in quality. And it is not surprising that people generally tend to prefer the results in the first page. High-ranking placement in the results of search engines that ensures easy accessibility and a steady flow of visitors. Making sure that your content appears prominently on the web is  thus essential.

You can effectively communicate the intended message to the search engine by carefully curating key words and optimizing content in the five areas mentioned below:  

1) Page title

2) URL

3) Headers

4) Image tags

5) Body copy


5. Organizing Webinars

Webinars are an extremely effective learning tool that allows anyone anywhere to learn something new from the comforts of their home at no extra cost.  When someone signs up for your webinar, (that you are planning to conduct) it already denotes a level of respect for you or your company from them. You can leverage this over time to convert them, as they have already displayed an inherent interest in what you do.

You want to capture the attention of your audience, make your webinars interesting and useful. Interactive and innovative webinars are a sure hit. A lead-generating webinar is typically offered free of charge and as it requires registration, you can collect the basic information on a session’s attendees.


6. Marketing through social media

Social media as a marketing tool extends advanced targeting opportunities based on age groups, areas  of interest, geography and more. Hence, it is turning to a legitimate lead generation channel. Indicators like the number of likes, shares, comments, and followers needn’t guarantee a transition into sales. But if your prospects are nurtured correctly, they will ultimately turn to realisable leads.

  •  Facebook

Is an ideal means to  market to people by interest. Here, you can target people based on their behaviour and purchasing pattern. You can choose and customize your advertising content from a list of possible interests. For eg: you can categorise it as people who love 80s rock music, Food lovers, travelling,  etc.

  • Twitter 

Target people based on their networks or that of your own. Marketing through Twitter helps you to create a follower base, thereby you can target people who are similar to it. Twitter’s lead generation cards also provide a two click solution to lead generation. Though they are displayed as tweets, when someone clicks on the image, the card expands and reveals an offer or sign-up form. Which can be  auto-filled with the user’s name, email address, and Twitter handle.    

  • LinkedIn 

Is extremely useful when it comes to focusing on employees– and company-specific targeting. The advantage here is that as you publish your ad, you can additionally specify the kind of viewers you want. This can be done  based on the industry they work in, place of work, their position and seniority, and more. 

  • Google+ 

Google+ as a marketing tool helps to bring people with common interests together. Here you can find communities of people with common interests to tap into. These offer opportunities to become an influencer and to reach out to potential prospects.


7. Monitoring media activities

To identify potential customers, media monitoring is a very useful tool.  Keeping track of the social conversations is enabled here by monitoring the discussions about your product and area of expertise that happens here. Keep an eye and listen to your customers’ questions, comments, likes, and dislikes. Subsequently reach out to them with the content tailored to their interests and challenges.

17.9% of B2B companies and 24.8% of B2C marketers are of the opinion that social media lead generation is  more effective than PPC or SEO. To add to this, 55% of marketers say that they’ve closed successful deals originating from a social media lead!

Qualified leads can be generated by adding value to conversations on social media by posting professional expertise. Social media monitoring enables you to have a track of the leads as you are already a part of the conversations. 


Bottom Line

Content writing is thus an essential part of creative lead generation processes. These 7 major tips that aid the right combination of inbound marketing techniques can help grow your business significantly. 

We can help you gain much from strong and unique inbound marketing techniques that will make you stand out from your competitors. Being a professional and expert content marketing company, we aim at fulfilling our client’s specific needs and goals.  You can reach us anytime and we would be more than happy to help you.