Unlike the earlier times, when standalone broad keyword strategies were used widely and had worked well, the recent times have seen a shift in the pattern. From the beginning of 2021, long-tail SEO strategies have been turning crucial like never before. Being an SEO Company, one’s aim is always to drive more traffic and user engagement to the websites. Though long back, the hunt for low search volume long-tail keywords was considered an effective process, it has now been proved that long-tail keywords connect well with the potential customers and positively affect sales growth and returns.


What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

A phrase that is generally made from three to five words makes a long-tail keyword. Usually, long-tail keywords are very specific keywords and since people phrase their questions very often in different ways, these keywords are very much unpopular. Though they have high variation, long-tail keywords have a very low search volume and a high conversion rate.

Long-tail keywords are intent-driven and are thus effective when it comes to customer communications. This enables you to create content that specifically addresses queries leading to higher conversion rates.


Why Are Long-tail Keywords Important in SEO


  • Less Competition


It is true that the search volume will be low while using long-tail keywords but, you have the privilege of creating specific keywords that are apt for our business that enables you a better ranking and increased user experience. To complement this, if you turn successful enough by implementing the required on-page SEO and perform link building, your landing pages would gain much prominence.


  • Higher Conversions


Long-tail keywords help in easier discovery of search intents and this allows you to identify queries that indicate the buyer’s intent. By using this knowledge, you can have an improved sales and complement your content marketing strategy.


  • It Helps You To Optimize for Semantic, Conversational and Voice Search


Optimizing for semantic search is possible with long-tail keywords. The use of voice-search has evolved very common and users are making use of the long-tail keywords phrases to raise questions with the search bar.


How to Find Long-Tail Keywords

You can create a favourable list of long-tail keywords without wasting much time and for that firstly, you should understand and list out all possible long-tail keywords that you are sure that you rank for.

Following that, you should download the information available for your PPC campaigns, Twitter account, Instagram, Facebook page, YouTube videos and other such metrics that you think might reveal new terms.

Subsequently realize new long-tail keywords suitable for you and that you could rank for.


How to manually create a list of potential long-tails

  • Preparing a list of seed keywords with the help of keyword planning generation of a list of keywords would be possible, but make sure to not include Google AdWords. As, Google AdWords doesn’t turn useful when it comes to long-tail keywords as it lowers the search volume


  • Look at Google’s autocomplete suggestions and write down autocomplete suggestions by typing each seed keyword into Google.


  • Collate Google’s related search suggestions and write down the related searches by scrolling to the bottom of each SERP.


  • Perform Bing Search Suggestions and also for any other search engines you want to optimize for.


  • Add these potential long-tails to your target list. Group all your terms and get ready to start trimming your list.


An Overview

When diagnosing conversion issues, analyzing keywords by high-intent should be your first step. Keyword intent is undoubtedly the most important concept that helps you in meeting the users’ needs better and to match your content and landing pages to their intentions. The Long-tail SEO Strategy aims at discovering, pooling and making use of those long-tail keywords that are intent driven and ones that positively influences the conversion rates. Hence, the SEO Companies have incorporated the use of these aiming at better ranking of the websites.

The term search engine optimization (SEO) is very common that someone who is directly or indirectly related to the digital industry must have heard that term a million times already. But how many of you are aware that adding video to your website can drastically improve your SEO efforts and help in driving more people to your website? Videos that are published on one’s own website can now be enhanced significantly by Google’s Video Optimization. The videos that are available on the creator’s own website now have the advantage of being optimized by Google’s new way of Video Optimization which creates better search results.

What is SeekToAction

SeekToAction Markup Language allows you to tell Google how your URL structure works. Thereby, Google can display key moments that are automatically identified for your video.

Google is now moving the feature of SeekToAction out of beta, which was introduced in the beginning of the year at Google I/O device. This feature extends support to any site that publishes videos.

Previously when the video was uploaded to a creator’s website, it demanded the site owner to manually label each segment of the video, but now, the video segments can be marked up for enabling rich snippets of the ‘key moments’, that allows a searcher to directly navigate to a particular segment on a video.

The site owners only have to mention to Google the URL pattern of skipping based on a specific timestamp within the given video.


SeekToAction – An Excellent Way To Improve The Visibility Of Videos In Search Results.

The SeekToAction markup language can be applied to videos like any other type of schema.org structured data. When using the SeekToAction video markup, there are a few things that the site owner needs to keep in mind:


  • The ability to deep link into some point apart from the start point of the video, must be possible with your website’s URLs. For example, http://www.example.com/example?t=30 starts 30 seconds into a video.


  • It is required to make sure that the VideoObject structured data is added to a page where users can watch the video.


  • On every video page wherever you want Google to automatically identify the key moments on your video, the SeekToAction markup is to be used.


  • Also, make sure that Google is able to fetch your video content files in order to automatically identify key moments in your video.


  • A minimum duration of 30 seconds should be there for each video uploaded.


  • The properties that are listed in the VideoObject structured data documentation must be included in the video required.


The SeekToAction markup only applies to videos that are embedded on one’s own website and Google also mentions that the SeekToAction markup will not be supported by any other third-party platforms.

The Clip markup can be used instead of SeekToAction markup, if the site owners prefer to identify key moments in a video the old way.


To Conclude With

Google’s Video Optimization, a new way to enable video key moments in Search has emerged. This looks promising in replacing the conventional SEO strategies. VSEO or video search engine optimization is one form of SEO that still is underutilized. In the long term, building a number of links alone isn’t going to help in ranking a website. Creating high-quality content is also required to attract links naturally over time. A lot of brands have started incorporating video content to their online marketing strategy but most SEOs aren’t looking into placing it on high priority. Usually, they opt for creating various other types of content such as infographics, images and written content.

Growing the site traffic and getting more leads through Google ads is the motive of any company doing any business. Whatever be the kind of business that you are doing and irrespective of the nature of your product or service, any company’s motive is to get increased leads from Google Ads Campaign and related Digital Marketing Services. Pay Per Click advertising is a better way to generate more leads. By availing the services of a lead generation company, you can have an increased sales, ROI and advertising clicks.


There Are Two Major Ways to Generate More Leads with Google Ads


Perfect Landing Page

As soon as a visitor clicks on your Google Ad, he or she is taken immediately to the landing page of your website. This page of your company should be able to make the visitor take a positive action, especially if you are running a lead generation campaign.

The design, content and the user-friendliness of the page plays a major role in setting the experience level of the visitor. As you might be looking for the visitor to share his or her personal information on your page, it is necessary to make sure that your page gives them a feel of being safe and trustworthy, which otherwise can make them hesitant in sharing with you their personal details.


What Points to Consider While Creating a Webpage


Load Time

By having a quicker load time, your pages get loaded without delay making the visitor not lose his time and interest. Which otherwise can make him frustrated and make him leave quickly without browsing through completely.



Credibility of information portrayed on your website is required so that there is transparency and the visitor finds it easier and confident enough to get in touch with you.


Quick Navigation Process

Quicker and easier navigation process is the key to making your customer have an exceptional experience browsing through your page. Their search for the required product or service must happen quickly so that they don’t end up feeling lost.


Simpler Forms

Make your forms as simple as possible. Asking for too much information can make the visitor annoyed or uncomfortable leading them to leave your page.


Enhance Your Campaign

An increased traffic for your page is possible by increasing the chances of your page appearing in the searches. By improving your Google Ads Campaign, you can definitely drive in more traffic to your page.


Ways To Draw Traffic from Enhancing Your Campaigns


Use of Long Tail Keywords

A combination of three or more specific words makes a long keyword. This works well in those cases especially when someone is very specifically searching for something. This ideally should pave way for more business leads.


Test, and Then Test Again

Trying different kinds of strategies always comes handy. Remember to experiment with different keywords, varied forms of ad messaging, using different bids and more. Within the same ad group, try running different variants of the same ad to study the responses. Simultaneously also try using a combination of bidding strategies and check on favourable developments.


Remove Under performing Keywords and Invest in Successful Keywords

Always remember to keep checking on the keywords’ performances. Sometimes, a particular keyword might be helping in increasing the traffic, but that doesn’t assure you that you are safe from bounce rate. In those cases, plan to reallocate your budget and aim at bidding on those keywords that bring in genuine leads and sales.


Use Smart Bidding

To automatically optimise your ads, use Smart Bidding, that uses the historical information of your campaign. This leads to higher conversion rates.



You must definitely enhance your Ad campaigns and improve your landing page, in order to gain much from Google Ad Campaigns and get the best quality leads. Lead generation agencies and PPC Companies are pioneers in constantly conducting new Ad campaigns that are beneficial and are specialists in developing better keywords and in bidding strategies to achieve better results with your ads.

Social media platforms are evolving over time and there are new ones that emerge every one and then. Some of which are here to stay, while others lose market at a very early stage. Social media platforms are one amongst the kind of digital media platforms that have a key role in boosting your digital marketing scenarios. Similar was the inception of Clubhouse, a social media network, that gained popularity in the late 2020s and early 2021. Clubhouse being the first audio-only social media app has gained popularity in a shorter span of time. Social Media Marketing has gained momentum with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and now will clubhouse also join the lead is a thought that many have.



Clubhouse was launched less than a year ago by two Stanford University alumni, Rohan Seth and Paul Davison and has turned out to be the most talked about social media platform of 2021. This app has seen a massive growth rate within a very short time and that is mainly because of its unique app features that it provides the user with. Clubhouse features are now being targeted and the giant tech companies are beginning to build potential rivals for this audio-only social media platform.


How does Clubhouse work?

Clubhouse being an audio-only social media platform, only enables you to create or participate in audio chat rooms. As you log-in successfully by creating your account in Clubhouse, you will see a host of chat rooms where discussions on varied topics and subjects will be displayed. The chat rooms that are visible to you will be based on the preferences and topic interests that you were asked to set during the time of creating a new account.

These active chat rooms will have a list of speakers talking on subjects and the listeners can occasionally chime in like in a live podcast. You also have the option to create a chatroom of your interest and start conversing with people of similar interests. Only live conversation can be heard in Clubhouse and there is no playback option available.


Is Clubhouse the next-in-line social media platform?

This hot-new app has undoubtedly created enthusiasm amongst entrepreneurs, start-ups, venture capitalists and even celebrities. The app’s feature of being a voice-only social media platform has itself drawn in huge users. There are no visual cues such as text, videos or images in it.

The attraction is very evident already. To mention, Cred founder Kunal Shah and Razorpay’s Harshil Mathur are amongst those Indian industrialists who have inclined a special interest in this trending app. And, according to a report by The Economic Times, with a participation of almost 4,000 members, Indian Startup Club emerged to be one of the biggest groups on the app within the country.

It is not mere casual conversation that happens here. There are serious and interesting discussions along the lines of product marketing, entrepreneurial insights, how to grow your start-up and hacks and tips to mention a few major topics.

It is not surprising that the app’s algorithm also cultivates an individualised experience for the user. User engagements are happening a higher level and these quality engagements are a very promising sign for any industrialist or businessman. The social network feeds on Clubhouse’s chat rooms revolving around real-life elements: spontaneity, interaction, and encounters with friends and strangers.

Clubhouses’s attribute at being able to focus on individual interest rather than intending on social circle preference has gained popularity for the app.


To Conclude

Clubhouse has been able to create user interest. But one will have to wait and see how well the app is able to maintain the momentum and be a trending attribute in the social media marketing scenario.

Google announced its most recent search algorithm update – Product Reviews Update. The Google update is another significant step in presenting the most useful and helpful information possible to its consumers.

The Google algorithm update aims to weed out thin content and reward well-researched and in-depth content based product reviews written by experts on the topic or product enthusiasts.

Google’s announcement on the product reviews update states –

“Google Search is always working to show the most useful and helpful information possible, through testing, experimenting and review processes. From this, we know people appreciate product reviews that share in-depth research, rather than thin content that simply summarizes a bunch of products. That’s why we’re sharing an improvement to our ranking systems, which we call the product reviews update, that’s designed to better reward such content.”

Google recognizes that product information and reviews are an integral aspect of the shopping experience for customers. Hence, quality product reviews with insightful analysis and original research will be rewarded by ranking higher on the SERPs, thereby providing users with valuable content.

Will the new Google Algorithm Update affect all sites?

The product reviews Google update will have an impact on all sites that publish product reviews. To embrace the quality update rolled out by Google, sites will have to include a lot of details, research work and thought into product reviews and testimonials to enjoy higher ranking positions.

Product reviews new standards based on the Google update – 

  1. A rounded analysis of products
  2. Reviews to include comparisons to similar products and/or comparisons to versions of the same product
  3. Well-researched content by subject experts and product enthusiasts
  4. Include quantitative analysis and data that may help consumers in their decision making process

It is also essential to carefully monitor traffic and look for change that is out of the ordinary to stay above the Google update. Check the website’s organic traffic from various sources and make relevant tweaks to the product reviews.

Does the Google Update attract a penalty?

The product reviews update does not attract any penalty however if your competitors meet Google’s standard of product reviews they will be ranked higher on the search results which in-turn might push you to a lower rank. As a result, sites with reviews that are short, vague or just a summary of products will have fight harder to rank higher on the search results.

Google also stated that the Google algorithm update is not classified as a core update and is only rolled out for English language reviews as of now.

Recovering from Google’s product review update

If your site has unfortunately experienced a negative impact on the rollout of the new Google algorithm update then follow the below recommendations from Google that will help you turn things around for your site –

  1. Reviews should include expert knowledge about products, written by product enthusiasts who know the topic
  2. Include product demonstrations with comparisons of performance data
  3. Unique research based content beyond manufacturer details along with product USP (what sets a product apart from its competitors)
  4. Include similar products one might consider, or suggest a products that might be best under different circumstances
  5. Include the journey and growth of the product
  6. Address decision making features of the product and its performance in respective areas
  7. Share reasons behind the design of a product and how it will affect users, beyond just what the manufacturer claims


Currently, the product reviews update is specifically aimed at products reviews however the Google algorithm update does have the potential to influence service reviews as well.

Transferring of money and data to perform the buying and selling of goods and services on the internet is referred to as Internet Commerce, Electronic Commerce, or eCommerce.

Ecommerce is used by both individuals and business enterprises. Since its start, eCommerce has evolved and come a long way making inevitable changes in our lifestyle, the way we shop and even the way we do business.

Ecommerce operates in the following 4 major market segments:

  • Business to business
  • Business to consumer
  • Consumer to consumer
  • Consumer to business

Thus, irrespective of the size or nature of the business, eCommerce has been widely in use. It has become the new normal means of internet business.

Payment Gateway is a financial service or in other words, a consumer-facing interface provided by an eCommerce service provider to accept online payments from customers using a credit card or debit card. Initially, Payment Gateway was a payment method using the physical card reading device found in brick-and-mortar retail stores. But later it also became part of the payment processing portals found in online stores.


There are numerous Payment Gateway methods and when it comes to a start-up or newly formed business, where the brand name is yet to get established, it might be slightly confusing as to decide on which Payment Gateway to opt for.

This article will take you through the Top 10 Best Payment Gateway in India.

    1. Cashfree
    2. PayU, also known as PayU Money
    3. Razorpay Payment Gateway
    4. Instamojo Payment Gateway
    5. PayPal
    6. PayKun
    7. CCAvenue
    8. Atom Paynetz
    9. Citrus
    10. PayTM


The fastest and easiest way to collect and disburse payments for growing businesses. Cashfree being a banking and technology company helps businesses to accept and send payments both domestic and international.

Charges and Key Features:

Cashfree provides the widest range of payment options:

  • Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Rupay, Amex) , 75+ Netbanking options, Paytm and 6 popular mobile wallets like Airtel, Mobikwik, Freecharge, and widest range of PayLater and cardless EMI options such as ZestMoney, OlaMoney postpaid etc
  • Cashfree supports UPI, IMPS and Paypal.
  • The Payment gateway charges on Cashfree are just 1.75% per transaction, which is the lowest TDR charges in India.
  • Cashfree also has the fastest settlement cycle of 24hrs to 48hrs.
  • Initial Setup Fees: ZERO
  • Annual Maintenance Charges: ZERO
  • Minimum Annual Business Requirement: ZERO
  • Transaction fees on Credit & Debit cards on Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, RuPay, 75+ net banking: Flat fee @ 1.75% + Rs 0 per transaction
  • Wallets: Paytm, Airtel Money, Freecharge, Mobikwik, Ola Money, Jiomoney: Flat fee @ 1.75% + Rs 0 per transaction
  • UPI: Flat fee @ 1.75% + Rs 0 per transaction
  • International Credit Cards on Visa, Mastercard, and American Express: Flat fee @ 3.5% + Rs 7 per transaction

 PayU, also known as PayU Money

Is a Payment Gateway that accepts cards, Netbanking, Wallets, and UPI. PayU is a fintech company that accepts and processes payments that can be integrated with both web and mobile applications.

PayU has minimal development effort and is easy to sign-up for. You can start accepting payments securely and seamlessly within your iOS, Android, or Windows app, within minutes, with our 100% online hassle-free onboarding process.

Charges and Key Features:

  • Annual maintenance Charge: Zero.
  • Transaction Fee per Transaction: 2% + GST for each transaction
  • For American Express & Diners Cards, transaction fees = 3% + GST
  • For international transactions & EMI payment options, there is a set-up fee that needs to be paid along with Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC).
  • Transaction rates are 3% + ₹6 for every transaction.
  • International Payment / Credit card Support: Yes
  •  Domestic Credit cards supported: Visa/Mastercard/Diners/Amex credit Cards
  • Multi-Currency Support: Yes
  • Withdrawal Fees: Zero
  • Settlement days: T+2 days
  • Customer Support: Customer support always seems to be busy.
  • Documentation required: Extensive list of documents.
  • No of Days to start a transaction: 5-7 days
  • Supported eCommerce CMS Systems: All major CMS supported
  • Mobile App Integration: Android, Windows and iOS.

 Razorpay Payment Gateway

Razorpay is the only converged payments solution company in India that allows your business to accept, process, and disburse payments via its product suite. With Razorpay, you have access to all payment modes, including credit and debit cards, UPI, and popular mobile wallets including JioMoney, Mobikwik, PayUmoney, Airtel Money, FreeCharge, Ola Money, and PayZapp.

Razorpay provides the highest level of tech integration at a reasonable price.

Charges and Key Features:

  • Annual maintenance Charge: ZERO
  • Transaction Fee: 2% per successful transaction; +1% for International cards, EMI and Amex;
  • No setup fees; No Annual maintenance charges
  •  International Payment / Credit card Support: International approval is a     separate process and takes longer, which is subject to the bank’s approval.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Does not support
  • Withdrawal Fees: Zero
  • Settlement days: 3 days in your connected Bank account.
  • Customer Support: Chat Support and IVR is available 24/7.
  • Documentation required: You can find the documentation list here.
  • No of Days to start a transaction: Near to real-time activation. Subject to documents approval.
  • Supported eCommerce CMS System: All major ones such as WooCommerce, Magento, CS-Cart, Opencart, Shopify, WHCMS, WordPress, Arastta, Prestashop.
  • Mobile App Integration: Mobile SDK’s for Android and iOS via Cordova/Phonegap

Instamojo Payment Gateway

The charges inInstamojo are reasonable and it allows new business entities to create an account at ease irrespective of having a webpage of their own.

Charges and Key Features:

  • Annual maintenance Charge: ZERO
  • Transaction Fee per Transaction: Flat fee @ 2% + Rs 3 per transaction
  • Key Features of Instamojo Payment gateway service are International Payment / Credit card Support: Not supported
  • Multi-Currency Support: Not supported. Only INR.
  • Withdrawal Fees: Zero
  • Settlement days: 3 days in your connected Bank account.
  • Customer Support: Their IVR system clearly says that they are closed over weekends. However, on weekdays, our call went unanswered.
  • Documentation required: Documentation list you can see after signing up with them.
  • No of Days to start a transaction: You can start receiving payment after simple signup with your email. Types of Credit Card Accepted
  • Supported eCommerce CMS System: All major ones such as Magento, Prestashop, Opencart etc.
  •  Mobile App Payment Gateway Integration: Not available as of now.


Being a global payment platform and available in 200+ countries, PayPal claims to have possessed 4 billion payments in 2014, including 1 billion of it through mobile. Over 173 customers use PayPal. Thus, if you are into international business expecting payment from customers across the globe, PayPal is the best.

PayPal supports more than 100 currencies with a fund withdrawal facility. The banking regulations in India restrict businesses to use PayPal to receive funds from foreign customers only.

Charges and Key Features:

  • Annual maintenance Charge: Free, Zero maintenance charges.
  • Transaction Fee per Transaction: 4.4% + US$0.30 + Currency conversions charges
  • International Payment / Credit card Support: only for receiving international payments.  PayPal does not support or recognize Indian currency; hence you need to choose an international currency as the base currency. Therefore, when you withdraw money from PayPal you will again pay currency conversion charges for conversion to Indian Rupee at your bank in India.
  • Multi-Currency Support: PayPal supports over 100 currencies globally and as a PayPal merchant you can keep your earnings in 57 currencies!
  • Withdrawal Fees: No withdrawal fees. However, as you will be receiving money on a regular basis from PayPal (Through their Banker-CitiBank) you need to obtain proof of foreign inward remittances in the form of a certificate called “Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate or FIRC”. FIRC is a document that acts as a testimonial for all the inward remittances entering India.        Settlement days: All payments received in your PayPal account will be auto-withdrawn to your local bank account on a daily basis.
  • Customer Support: Great.
  • Documentation: It only takes a few minutes to start a PayPal merchant account. To do so you need to confirm your identity. To do so verify your PAN, add a local bank account, and a purpose code (The Purpose Codes have been introduced to identify the nature of the cross-border transaction payment made in compliance with regulatory requirements. Businesses are required to furnish the appropriate purpose codes from pre-filled dropdowns when they initiate a withdrawal from their PayPal account to their Indian bank accounts) and confirm your email address.
  • No of Days to start a transaction: You can start receiving payment immediately after a successful registration.
  • Mobile App Payment Gateway Integration: iOS and Android.
  • Supported eCommerce CMS Systems: Most of the popular ones are supported.


This is a very safe, secure, and cheapest mode of payment, irrespective of the type of business entity that you are. PayKun is paperless, easy and very fast.

Charges and Key Features:

  • Setup cost: Zero
  • Annual Maintenance Charges: Zero. No hidden charges
  • Transaction Fee per Transaction of Domestic: Flat 1.75% taxes as applicable
  • Compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) v3.2.1 Level 1.
  • Payment retry option
  • Payment link option for single & multiple customers
  • Master payment link option (Customer can fill their amount and initiate transaction without any integration)
  • Single click easy refund to the Customers (Partial refund option available)
  • Website/Application not mandatory (individual can receive online payment by creating payment link
  • Powerful dashboard (Easy and User-friendly UI)
  • Personal dedicated assistance
  • Mobile Optimised design, Widest Payment choices including all wallets and UPI, Advanced UPI – Scan and Pay, Subscription Payments, Withdrawal gateway and more
  • Offers 120+ payment options with simple and lowest pricing.
  • Single QR Code
  • International Payment / Credit card Support:  No
  • Multi-Currency Support: No
  • Withdrawal Fees: None
  • Settlement days: T + 1 to T + 3 working days (depending on a business model and payment mode)
  • Documentation required: Depends on the nature of business- business KYC and more
  • No of Days to start the transaction: within an hour


CCAvenue is one of the largest and widely used payment modes, offering 200+ options, serving 27 countries, and enabling multilingual payment pages in 18 major Indian and International languages.

Charges and Key Features:

  • Initial Setup Fee: Zero, yes Zero
  • Domestic Credit & Debit cards on Visa, Mastercard, Maestro RuPay: Flat fee @ 2%
  • Mobile Wallet: Flat fee @ 2%
  • IMPS & UPI: Flat fee @ 2%
  • International Credit Cards on Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club: Flat fee @ 3%
  • Taxes extra as applicable from time to time
  • International Payment / Credit card Support: 27 foreign currencies.
  • Withdrawal Fees: free. Domestic Friday and International Tuesday
  • Settlement days: CCAvenue settles payments on a weekly basis for all amounts over & above of Rs. 1000, which is the minimum amount required to be kept.
  • Customer Support: Their website claims 24x7x365 days of Voice, Chat and emails support.
  • No of Days to start a transaction: Though CCAvenue claims on their website that all new merchant accounts get activated within 1 hour of registration, in practice, it will take anything between 3 to 6 days.

Atom Paynetz

With over 100 payment options, 15 million+ transactions, and 4500+ strong merchants across the country, Atom Paynetz is an innovative payment service provided by the FT Group.

Charges and Key Features:

  • Annual maintenance Charge: Generally waived off for the first year, however second year onwards you have to pay Rs 2400
  • Transaction Fee per Transaction:

            Credit Cards: 2.1%

            Debit cards: for transactions less then Rs 2000 it is 0.75%

            Debit cards: for transactions more than Rs 2000 it is 1%

  • International Payment / Credit card Support: Not supported
  • Domestic Credit Cards supported: Visa, Master, AMEX, Diners, JCB, Discover
  • Multi-Currency Support: Not Supported
  • Withdrawal Fees: Zero
  • Settlement days: in T+2 days
  • Customer Support: connect with Atom Paynetz Payment Gateway service sales team on the connect our page.
  • Documentation required: New merchant accounts need to provide Business Registration documents mostly and a PO.
  • No of Days to start a transaction: Within 5-6 days, provided all documents are provided as and when asked for.
  • Supported eCommerce CMS Systems: All major CMS supported such as Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop
  • Mobile App Payment Gateway Integration: Only Android as of now.


Citrus was a UPI app that enabled payment through direct account transfers. It is merged with PayU now, about which was mentioned already in this article before. Kindly check that.


This is beneficial especially for the smaller e-commerce merchants as it enables with Paytm cash wallet.

Charges and Key Features: 

  • Domestic Credit Cards supported: Visa, Master, Maestro, Amex, Discover and Diners
  • International Credit Cards supported: Visa, Master, Maestro, Amex, Discover and Diners
  • Initial Setup Fees: Rs 5000. Waived as of now
  • Annual Maintenance Charges: Rs 5000. Waived as of now
  • Minimum Annual Business Requirement: ZERO
  • Fee for Domestic Debit or Credit cards on Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, RuPay: Flat 1.99%
  • Amex, ezeClick, JCB and Diners: Flat 1.
  • International Credit Cards on Visa, Mastercard: Not supported.
  • Taxes extra as applicable from time to time.
  • International Payment / Credit card Support: Supported all kind of credit cards.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Not supported as of now.
  • Withdrawal Fees: Zero.
  • Settlement days: Settlement takes place within 2-3 days. Their committed structure is T=+2 that is transaction date + 2 days of lag for settlement.
  • Customer Support: very good customer
  • Documentation required: New merchant accounts need to provide business registration and bank account details.
  • No of Days to start a transaction: Merchant can go live with Paytm Payment gateway in 2 days’ time after submission of all the requisite documents.

In India most of the payment gateways levy 3 types of charges:

  1.   Initial Setup Fee: It could be anything between Rs 0 to Rs 200k depending on the payment gateway you are choosing to work with.
  2.   Annual Maintenance Fee: This could be anything between Rs 0 to Rs 50000/annum.
  3.   Transaction Charges: Transaction charges are levied on every transaction that takes place on your payment gateway account. It could be anything between 1% to 4%/transaction.

The choice is always yours as to which Payment Gateway to choose for your business. Not all payment gateways are the same, choose what works best for you. As a start-up or new business, you would like to ensure a conversion; once a customer likes your Brand Story. You need a Payment Gateway, which is not only safe and quick but also provides multiple payment options. Hence, choose wisely.

Every change resembles the dual sides of a coin. We can see opportunities and hardships in each phase of change. During these days of viral attacks, we see a large sector of the world population striving to find an equilibrium in their life. Many industries and companies were shattered to grounds in these pandemic days. But as a ray of hope, some companies flourished during these days. We can see that these companies were dealing with online services and products like communication facilitators and eCommerce websites. We could figure out another inference from this that an online shopping trend is on the hike. This is a positive change that could influence the firms who are ready to go online.

It’s a bit strange to go online leaving behind all conventional ways of marketing and serving customers. Initially, you will see many pain points to cope up with the new digital platforms and using these platforms for conducting business may become more difficult. Still, you will forget all your pains once you see the increase in your sales revenue and footsteps to your stores. There is an easy way to move digital, it’s digital marketing.

Digital marketing strategies for supermarkets are best to remodel your retail business digitally. Here we discuss a mix of various techniques and standardized practices for making innovative transformations for your business. Let us see what all things digital marketing could do:

  • Digital marketing focuses on your target audience selected based on a wide range of parameters. Geographic location, demographic factors like age, education, occupation, etc are considered along with behavioral patterns like interests, hobbies, and personality.
  • Digital marketing is the most transparent marketing technique.

Transparency is the most important element behind the wide acceptance of digital marketing techniques. It announces the current status of your marketing campaigns and customer responses at the very moment which makes it more measurable. This is made possible through the advanced reporting tools used in digital marketing.

  • Flexibility is the key. You can go for a change in these techniques at any point in time if you find any deviations when you are available with real-time feedback.
  • The best way is to depict your brand with fine, engaging, trendy content and style which announces your competitive advantages and quality-oriented customer services. This ultimately raises the sales revenue of the firm.
  • It is the most effective way of promoting your brand within a limited period and budget without neglecting any of your requirements.

How digital marketing is essential for online sales of Supermarket?

Grocery stores are serving essential commodities which are having a great frequency of purchase. And these essential goods are purchased by people from the most convenient locations. When online shopping increases, online platforms could serve as the most convenient location to make a purchase order. At the same time, people are becoming more conscious about the quality of the products they prefer to purchase. And in online purchases, there isn’t an option for a virtual examination. So they prefer to know the opinions of customers or users of the product before making a purchase decision. From online reviews posted on the websites, blogs, or articles published by the businesses, activities, posts, comments in the social media pages along with its popularity could fix a great image for your business in consumer minds.

Benefits availed by Supermarkets through digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a great way to shout out your store attractions and best customer services one wishes to experience. Store location and the best deals available in the store can be treated as the most attractive ones among other customer influencing factors. Here are some ways how digital marketing could help you to reach your target by effectively communicating your charm. A best digital marketing agency can offer a wide variety of techniques and strategies that can announce your competitive advantages in terms of your best customer services, easy accessibility, a wide variety of choices and promotional offers. Let us have a deep understanding of the digital marketing strategies that are capable enough to increase the footsteps of your grocery stores.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Online Sales of Supermarkets

  • Reputation Management Services
  • Social Media Marketing Services
  • Local SEO Services & Search Engine Optimization services
  • Pay Per Click Services / Search Engine Marketing Services
  • Mobile App Marketing Services / ASO

How could Reputation Management help your Online Reviews? 

Customer behavior is discrete regarding the satisfaction in their choice. Routinely, most customers get convinced by word of mouth. This is what retention management does on a virtual platform. It displays several positive words and expressions regarding the product/ service from delighted customers. These reviews roll down unique customer experiences and satisfaction levels. Retention management also put a hold on the negative, fake, and underestimated reviews added under any circumstances.

Online reviews are the most influential piece of content as they are capable of creating an impact that is many times larger than that of the content displayed on the website. Often, people make a quick overlook through the reviews rather than making an additional effort for making use of the website content. Reputation Management restores and retains your brand image based on the aspects of time, effort, ease of access, trustworthiness, and heavy impact on the purchase decision.

What is Social Media’s impact on Online Sales?

Location and ease of access are the major grounds why customers are attracted to the firms dealing with perishable and necessary goods like grocery stores. What happens when more and more people near the store location get to know about your attractive offers and diverse product range? They may take advantage of these offers which increases the number of store visitors and thereby your potential customers. Social media platforms are the ideal channels to roll out these promotional activities and information which attract prospective customers. A top social media marketing agency can use the most popular and engaged platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more through Social Media Ad Campaigns.

All you need to do is to take a look at the trendy hashtags, posts and events which give you an idea about your business. This will generate a plan on how to present your brand before your target audience and how could you get more brand awareness.

How will Local SEO and Search Engine Optimization Services benefit the Online Sales of Supermarkets?

A Local SEO agency can help to list the businesses located within a specific location of the user. Ease of access is a prominent factor that attracts potential customers located nearby the grocery stores. You are easily spotted among your competitors when your firm has well-managed profiles optimized with location-specific keywords on the major local listing sites like Google My Business page. The profiles also display the ratings and reviews of your products and services which induce the buyer perceptions of visitors who are ready for a brand shift.

Search Engine Optimization Services for Supermarket Online Sales

Your customers recognize your stores and offers through various channels. But all these campaigns convey your unique consumer-oriented services within limited words. Here arises the importance of a well organized and managed website. If the consumers are ready to know more about you they visit your website from the links provided in the ads. A great user-oriented design with the best navigation options, engaging and comprehensive content presented with the appropriate images is the basic requirement. To enhance the relevant traffic flow into the website you may use the techniques of On-page and Off-Page SEO which result in Quality backlinks and keyword-optimized content. These techniques ensure that you are ranked higher in the Search Engine Result Page for those keywords users search for.

How do PPC Ad campaigns work for online sales of a Small Business? 

The browser displays certain display ads, shopping ads or text ads when a visitor searches for any specific result using any related terms. Those ads in the Search Engine Result Page are the ones displayed as a result of the PPC Ad campaigns. These Ad campaigns are equipped with a lot of features to target the most accurate and assuring audience set which makes it a widely accepted cost-effective method. It makes use of geographic, demographic, interest-based, and behavior-based targeting along with many other parameters. This ensures that these campaigns are paid only for obtaining the interest of your potential customers by limiting the impressions within the audience set specified.

How could Mobile App Marketing help in the growth of your business?

Location-based marketing is very effective in the case of grocery stores and related businesses handling necessary products or services. Developing a user-friendly mobile application, working on behalf of geo-location features would contribute much to your customer services. It helps a customer to – avail your services at their doorsteps with easy choices and quick delivery of purchased products, get notified with your promotional offers at the moment you post them, get purchase credits for frequent orders through the apps and lot more. People located nearby your stores could be targeted to increase footsteps and thereby the sales revenue.

Advantages of using Digital Marketing techniques for
Small Businesses

Businesses coming under food niche like restaurants, retail and wholesale dealers of food products, dairy products, home bakes and related small and big enterprises are at their right spot to flourish once they are online. Groceries are listed under the basic food requirements. And thus we can expect a great success rate when they are opened on the online platforms too. By having some advanced and needful customer services like free delivery, discounts, or gifts for larger online orders and consistent purchases could enhance the results of your online presence. Digital marketing for supermarkets improves online sales, and also helps in promoting all your competitive strategies within a transparent, flexible, economic, and effective framework.

Always ensure you are choosing the right marketing channel for your business

You may have some great competitive advantages like customer service, superior quality products, variety of choices, attractive offers, all piled up in the best location. For making the best utilization of these unique elements you may have to follow an effective long-term marketing strategy based on digital platforms. Since digital marketing consists of a wide variety of techniques you may have to choose the best one or a combination of few techniques to have a better harvest. Many top digital marketing agencies in Kerala having prior experience and expertise in handling startups and small businesses could help you in framing a better strategy within your budgets and objectives. This will help you to reduce your frustrations upon the digital shift and lead management process.

YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform that began its service in February 2005. Later, Google bought the site in November 2006, and from then, YouTube operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries.
From enjoying music, videos, and content of your choice to uploading your own content, YouTube has become an inevitable form of entertainment and informative platform. It allows you to quickly find the stats, photos, and videos you are looking for, along with providing guidelines for crediting and broadcasting them.
For some of us, YouTube will be a form of entertainment, but for many others, their uploading of YouTube content itself is their livelihood or passion. Youtube has become very popular in India and so are many YouTubers.
Here’s the list of the Top 5 YouTubers in India:

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This is what will happen if you don’t accept Whatsapp’s new terms and conditions!

  • 1. What data does WhatsApp collect and when?

The company has provided information on the data collected from the users, which includes account information, transactions, payments data, etc. It states that messages are only stored on your device and not on the company’s servers.

  • 2. What other data is collected under the new WhatsApp privacy policy?

These are automatically-collected information, which includes usage and log information, device and connection data, locations and cookies

Whatsapp Alternative Apps in India


  • 3. What kind of transactions, payment information data does WhatsApp collect?

If you use Facebook-owned payment services or any of its services meant for financial transactions, WhatsApp does collect additional data, which includes information about your payment account and transaction information.

  • 4. Does Whatsapp share user data with other Facebook companies as well?

According to the new terms and conditions and privacy shared by Whatsapp, it will be able to share and receive a certain category of information with other Facebook companies, like:

* Account registration info
*Service related information
*mobile device information
*User IP address


The rolling out of the new data-sharing policy by WhatsApp, the most popular social media platform, has kicked up a storm. Most of the users across the globe have turned critical of the app’s decision to extract the data from the users and share it with the parent concern Facebook. Resulting in the shifting of people to the apps promising better privacy, which may turn destructive for the app. Though, the exact effect of the decision would be revealed in the due course of time only.

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