ASO or otherwise known as App store optimization, is usually overlooked by many app developers and marketers. After the initial development is done, and when the app is uploaded to the major app stores, mobile app marketers often want to focus their attention on other marketing techniques like; blogging, paid advertising, social media, and other ways possible to drive potential customers to the app store page.

Yes of course, these tactics are all very effective in their own right. But, you should also consider the possibility that after all your hard work in getting your user to the app store, if your poor choice of screenshots, negative reviews or ambiguous description resulted in them choosing not to follow through and download your app, won’t that have bad impacts? Our data driven digital marketing agency in Kochi, is focussed at helping our clients with tailor-made ASO strategies.
These are numerous factors that impact your ASO. No matter through what channel your visitors come in, this is the final stage of the app marketing funnel and thus the most crucial one too. ASO will increase the visibility of your app to the relevant users on the app store and this inturn will result in increased downloads.

Why is ASO an important marketing strategy?

With over 2 million apps available on the major app stores, getting your app in front of the right users amongst all the competition remains one of the biggest challenges. An app store search generally will drive a staggering 67% of app downloads. This makes the search within the app stores, the most common method for discovering and downloading new apps.

However, if your app store page isn’t optimised then it will definitely fail to appear in many relevant searches and you could also be losing hundreds, maybe even thousands of potential downloads as a result.

A little time and effort spent each week on improving and updating your app store will enable you to reap the benefits in the long run, and keep those organic downloads coming in. Brittany Armour of Clearbridge Mobile explains that “ASO will help ensure that your app gets seen in the App Store and will help amplify your other marketing efforts.”

What is ASO?
App store optimization is a continuous process that improves an app’s rank and discoverability in an app store. Higher the app ranks means more visible it is to the potential users.

ASO works in the same way as the process of search engine optimization (SEO). Or in other words, ASO works similarly like how websites compete for rank on Google or other internet search engines, except that it is apps competing for rank on the app stores.
When deciding which apps will be shown first on the list in their search results will happen when various factors are taken into account. Such as app store keywords, app downloads, app-usage, uninstalls and reviews and so on.

ASO involves a continuous tweaking and updating of your app’s page on all the app stores. This is to ensure it is ranking as high as possible and is seen by all the right people.

Benefits of ASO
If you aren’t convinced yet, that you need to devote more time to your app store optimisation strategy, the following benefits are sure to be enough to change your mind:

1. Organic installs i.e. lower acquisition costs

The best thing about ASO is that if you have a good strategy your organic installs will increase and cost you absolutely nothing. Once you are optimised, your app will start ranking higher for different search results. This will improve your visibility and increase your organic downloads. While your acquisition costs will still be down.

2. Get your app in front of relevant users

Relevant is the key word here. There is zero point in having your app seen by people who aren’t looking for it. This is where ASO’s role comes to help. Your chance of getting your app in front of the right users will be low, if you aren’t using the same keyword that your target users are searching for, or if you choose the wrong category, or your app description doesn’t explain well what your app does. All these factors thereby reduce the chances of getting your app in front of the right user.

3. Increased revenue

ASO will benefit you in terms of increased revenue, if you monetise your app in any way, such as ads, subscriptions, in-app purchases etc. You will monetarily benefit from all the extra downloads you are receiving.

4. Stability

The extra downloads and increased revenue provides your app with a better stabled future. Pumping your budget into paid marketing techniques in the beginning phase might give you a burst of new users to begin with, but this is not a long-term fix.
Once the downloads slow down, you may be tempted to up your marketing budget further. But this is not always going to be a profitable option. Money will eventually run out. However, with regular tweaks and a continuous effort of your app store page you can keep those organic downloads coming in consistently. And help you improve and maintain your rank in the app store over time.

In a nutshell

Your apps will be visible in the app store and downloaded by a user only if your app manages to enter the ranking list. This is made possible by App Store Optimization or ASO as it is called.

Ours is the best SEO company in Kerala and we have been successfully guiding and helping numerous clients across various industries in developing as well as fruitfully incorporating pro ASO tactics that have helped them stay ahead of the competition


An array of inbound marketing techniques that is implemented in a consistent manner, can turn strangers into customers and promoters of a business. Inbound Marketing is an effective means that provides the visitors necessary information regarding the company. Channels like blogs, social media and search engines are the best ways to achieve this. The role of content marketing takes authority here. By creating specifically designed content, Inbound Marketing strategy can attract qualified prospects, build trust and credibility in a business. 

Mentioned here are a few actionable and creative techniques that spur your lead generation process:


1. Focus on Website Design and Layout

Your business’ website is one of the first interactions that prospective customers will have with your business. The design of your  website is a major factor that the potential customers are looking for while they are purchasing products or availing a service.

They will value your business based on a professionally designed website. Simpler yet impactful layout directly influences the amount of traffic to your website. And has a direct relationship with its revenue. 

Apart from attracting more visitors, the focus must be on keeping them engaged right from the start. Successful engagement of your prospects through solid web content is vital for capturing contact information and converting them into leads. Being a content marketing company, we ensure our clients that their visitors don’t simply bounce from the website without a second thought about the product or services. This, we make it possible through resourceful contents. 

Using live chat with the visitors can increase their experience exponentially. It is also extremely cost effective and  increases sales drastically by turning visitors into potential customers.


2. Content is the king

Experience a drastic increase in prospects by creating and sharing targeted content that answers the questions of prospects and addresses their relevant issues. Quality content attracts more links. Here are some factors that we consider while focusing on content marketing for our clients:

1) Being original

2) Using images and videos that keep the audience engaged

3) Providing simple, short and pointed contents

4) USe of proper fonts and text formatting 

5) Creating contents that is written to a targeted audience

6) Making it easily accessible across all social media platforms 

3. Sharing ideas over blogs and using it as a tool to solve problems

A major chunk of users obtain information and knowledge through the internet and around 23% of their total internet usage time is devoted to social networks or blogs. The emerging significance of using blogging to drive a significant amount of leads into your sales funnel is thus evident.

Blogging gets you found on various search engines and contents get you favourable leads.. Blogging part of content marketing for a business does more than letting followers know about the recent company news and events. The more valuable pages you publish, the higher the search engines like Google ranks your website. Thus, it is evident that an attractive, educational, carefully curated blog acts as a lure to your website visitors.

Blogging helps a business to stay connected with its prospects in a less rigid manner. You can stretch beyond the landing pages of your  website by expanding your content writing beyond the product features, business speech, and boring FAQs.


4. Use of Effective Search engine optimization (SEO

The use of a search engine, helps to get the information to solve a problem. A potential client always wants to overcome the challenges they face. Comparing the first-page results with lower-ranked pages, displays that there is usually an extreme difference in quality. And it is not surprising that people generally tend to prefer the results in the first page. High-ranking placement in the results of search engines that ensures easy accessibility and a steady flow of visitors. Making sure that your content appears prominently on the web is  thus essential.

You can effectively communicate the intended message to the search engine by carefully curating key words and optimizing content in the five areas mentioned below:  

1) Page title

2) URL

3) Headers

4) Image tags

5) Body copy


5. Organizing Webinars

Webinars are an extremely effective learning tool that allows anyone anywhere to learn something new from the comforts of their home at no extra cost.  When someone signs up for your webinar, (that you are planning to conduct) it already denotes a level of respect for you or your company from them. You can leverage this over time to convert them, as they have already displayed an inherent interest in what you do.

You want to capture the attention of your audience, make your webinars interesting and useful. Interactive and innovative webinars are a sure hit. A lead-generating webinar is typically offered free of charge and as it requires registration, you can collect the basic information on a session’s attendees.


6. Marketing through social media

Social media as a marketing tool extends advanced targeting opportunities based on age groups, areas  of interest, geography and more. Hence, it is turning to a legitimate lead generation channel. Indicators like the number of likes, shares, comments, and followers needn’t guarantee a transition into sales. But if your prospects are nurtured correctly, they will ultimately turn to realisable leads.

  •  Facebook

Is an ideal means to  market to people by interest. Here, you can target people based on their behaviour and purchasing pattern. You can choose and customize your advertising content from a list of possible interests. For eg: you can categorise it as people who love 80s rock music, Food lovers, travelling,  etc.

  • Twitter 

Target people based on their networks or that of your own. Marketing through Twitter helps you to create a follower base, thereby you can target people who are similar to it. Twitter’s lead generation cards also provide a two click solution to lead generation. Though they are displayed as tweets, when someone clicks on the image, the card expands and reveals an offer or sign-up form. Which can be  auto-filled with the user’s name, email address, and Twitter handle.    

  • LinkedIn 

Is extremely useful when it comes to focusing on employees– and company-specific targeting. The advantage here is that as you publish your ad, you can additionally specify the kind of viewers you want. This can be done  based on the industry they work in, place of work, their position and seniority, and more. 

  • Google+ 

Google+ as a marketing tool helps to bring people with common interests together. Here you can find communities of people with common interests to tap into. These offer opportunities to become an influencer and to reach out to potential prospects.


7. Monitoring media activities

To identify potential customers, media monitoring is a very useful tool.  Keeping track of the social conversations is enabled here by monitoring the discussions about your product and area of expertise that happens here. Keep an eye and listen to your customers’ questions, comments, likes, and dislikes. Subsequently reach out to them with the content tailored to their interests and challenges.

17.9% of B2B companies and 24.8% of B2C marketers are of the opinion that social media lead generation is  more effective than PPC or SEO. To add to this, 55% of marketers say that they’ve closed successful deals originating from a social media lead!

Qualified leads can be generated by adding value to conversations on social media by posting professional expertise. Social media monitoring enables you to have a track of the leads as you are already a part of the conversations. 


Bottom Line

Content writing is thus an essential part of creative lead generation processes. These 7 major tips that aid the right combination of inbound marketing techniques can help grow your business significantly. 

We can help you gain much from strong and unique inbound marketing techniques that will make you stand out from your competitors. Being a professional and expert content marketing company, we aim at fulfilling our client’s specific needs and goals.  You can reach us anytime and we would be more than happy to help you.  


What Is Geofencing Marketing?

Specific location-based ads that allow marketing experts to target their content delivery and advertising more precisely is known as geofencing marketing. The physical boundaries of a target location are termed as ‘geofence.’ Businesses with multiple locations have multiple geofenced marketing channels. Marketers can resonate more strongly with the people living in those locations with geofencing marketing. As an SEO company, we strongly concentrate on geofencing marketing, which is a vital aspect of our SEO strategy

What do we do in our geofencing marketing strategy?

Our SEO team develops advertisements and content that are tailored specifically to the consumers within the geofence of our client’s business operations. For eg: people living in Delhi have vastly different needs and priorities than people living in rural Maharashtra. Developing content that appeals equally to both audiences is generated. 

A geofencing functions with the help of an internet-capable device within a specified geofenced area. When a customer travels to these areas, he will receive alerts or notifications about your brand’s current offers, events, and limited-time promotions, and can interact with your brand.

Such location-based marketing creates a virtual boundary that automatically targets consumers when they cross the boundary into a specific geofenced area. Geofencing marketing allows your marketing teams to deliver your brand’s messages to the right customers at the right times.

Businesses in today’s marketplace need to expand their digital presence to stay ahead of the competition. However, casting too wide of a net can backfire if you are not careful about your strategy. As a successful digital marketing agency, when a client approaches us, we make sure to smoothen their pain points and craft the best plans. 

By utilizing geofencing we target the marketing strategies around a specific location. Though most businesses operate online, they sell to a wide range of customers across different locations. The reliance on local consumer bases to stay in business is always inevitable. Geofencing marketing helps to develop a multichannel marketing strategy for your brand. 

Gaining more local customers to your business happens with geofencing marketing.  This method of marketing focuses on a specific location and thus is an excellent marketing strategy.

Geofencing marketing can take many forms:

1. A geofence can be created around the store’s physical location for a brick-and-mortar retail store. The business owner can focus the geofence to a 25-mile radius around the store to target the closest potential customers.

2. As a  business owner, one could set up a geofence that is intended to capture potential customers leaving a competitor’s location and entice them with more attractive deals.

3. Companies that travel for marketing events and industry conferences can erect geofences around future stops. This helps to establish brand awareness in advance of their local appearances.

4. Law firms and healthcare providers and other service-oriented businesses can geofence their advertising efforts to specific service areas.

It is vital to conduct appropriate research to determine the best locations for geofences. This helps to understand the potential return on investment that could come from this type of marketing campaign.


The 5 Benefits of Geofencing Marketing are:

As a business owner, are you still thinking about why it is important to try geofencing marketing? Get appealed to a wider audience and offer a higher return on the marketing investment by attracting more potential customers. We can help you achieve this.

We incorporate a flawed approach to multichannel marketing and focus on quality over quantity. You must understand that, in the long run, establishing a very strong brand presence in a smaller location is much more valuable. 

Invest in geofencing marketing the right way, can have many tangible benefits that will help carry your company into the future:

1. Keeping your geofence small allows you to more precisely target the market. 

By connecting with a local audience on a personal level, you are able to boost your brand’s image within those potential customers. When your target consumers know your brand, they stay in touch as they can connect it with their local lifestyle, community, and topics relevant to their area. Thus, you create a stronger impression. This increases your chances of that customer returning to do business with you in the future.

2. Allows you to create precisely targeted high-quality content more easily. 

High-quality content is always the best way to improve your marketing success. Targeting a very wide geographical net for your content publication automatically resonates lower impressions as you are trying to focus on so many different people from so many locations. By using geofencing marketing aim more precisely with content that aims at a specific consumer base. This ultimately helps in building a stronger brand image for your company within the targeted area.

A geofencing marketing campaign also allows timely content delivery as it makes it easier to get the word out to the customers of the limited-time offers.

3. Your brand can connect with the customers who are most likely to do business with you. 

As many companies sell online, your brand may rely heavily on customer orders online. However, the local customers in your locality are the backbone and allow you to stay in power as a brand. Thus, your geofencing marketing efforts can help you to cultivate a strong local following. This you can expand over time, and create additional geofences as you build multiple retail locations.

4. Geofencing marketing is cheap and effective. 

The use of Google AdWords platform for your business is already facilitating the need for a tool that gears up an effective geofencing marketing campaign. The facility to set location-based parameters for the paid ads and business listings is enabled by Google. This functionality comes at no extra cost. Businesses can set their paid ads to appear in international territories, within a specific region, in just one state, or a mileage radius that you define.

5. Geofencing can boost data-gathering efforts. 

While targeting your marketing strategy to a specific geofenced area, you are able to gather more detailed data. This happens by responding to customers more effectively than you would have with a broader digital marketing campaign. In response to a geofenced advertisement, when a customer visits your retail store, you can gather data about the visit duration, messaging, spending, effectiveness, and much more.


Over time, a geofencing marketing campaign becomes part of the local SEO without saying as it undoubtedly helps to build a brand’s local following and credibility. As an SEO company that strongly practices geofencing marketing, businesses that take our service are able to expand their organizations physically and digitally with greater confidence. 

All of us are regular users of the internet and make use of Google and other search engines on a frequent basis. Hence during such instances, we all must have noticed various ads that appear alongside these search engines. Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and Display Ads are some of the forms of online advertising. 


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

These online advertisements are known as Pay-Per-Click advertising models. Here, the advertiser pays each time a user clicks on their online ads. Though there are different types of PPC ads, the basic and common form is the paid search ad. 

When people search the internet for products or services, these online ads appear. These ads pop up the most when users are searching for commercial purposes; like to buy something online. Online ads appear during the course of your action when anything you search online to buy or seek information about, like, restaurants near me or searching for a local service like a saloon, ENT specialist, or plumber in your area. The value or kind of item or service you search for has got nothing to do with the appearance or non-appearance of these search ads. Whether you look for online gifting shops or high-end services like an enterprise software, all of these trigger the pay-per-click ads. 

The businesses that run these ads on Google, YouTube or any search platform, are charged only when a user clicks on that particular ad. Hence, such ads are named as “pay-per-click.” 

Yet another form of PPC advertising includes display advertising; such as serving banner ads and remarketing.


How Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Work?

As a business enterprise, if you wish to have your ads displayed alongside the results on a search engine, which is commonly known as SERP or the search engine results page, your ads should enter the Ad Auction process. This is an entirely automated process that major search engines like Google and others make use of. Ad Auction is the automated process that helps determine the relevance and validity of each advertisement that appears on the SERP. 

Being an expert social media agency and knowing the pro tactics in search engine marketing, we help you leverage your social media presence by rightly getting your ads through the Ad Auction process. To make your ads appear more prominent than your competitor’s ads are managed profoundly by us. 

Need help with your PPC ad campaigns? We are only a call away. 

The Most Popular Types of PPC

Though there are several ad networks on the social media platforms that allow you to run PPC ads, some of them are more popular than others. Undoubtedly, Google AdWords is the most popular type of PPC of the lot. Google allows you to run ads on search results as well as on private websites.

But Google is not the only search engine in town. Bing is yet another platform that has its own version of PPC. Running ads on Bing allows you to experience PPC on a variety of Microsoft search properties and partners.

Facebook also offers businesses a PPC advertising model. Running an advertisement is a much sorted-out option amongst many marketers because it’s relatively inexpensive.

We can help you run the best PPC display ads that are a great alternative to the boring, text-based ads that are run on a lot of websites. A retargeting campaign can also be run with a PPC. This will be a great way to reel in customers who’ve already visited your website.


How Much Does PPC Cost?

PPC campaigns are based on keywords and some keywords cost more than others. Because they’re in higher demand. For eg: if you want to run an ad with “car insurance” as the keyword, it’s going to cost you a lot more per click as it is a much-demanded keyword. 

But nothing to worry about, as most ad networks give you the option to set a budget. You can actually set and decide the costing that suits your budget and choose the keyword accordingly.

You can set your campaign with a given specific budget. For example, you might run a campaign with a budget of $100 per day. Once the limit is exhausted, the ad network will turn off your ads for the rest of the day and so you don’t spend any more.


What is the role of keywords in Pay-Per-Click advertising?

Ad Auction, as the name implies, is a bidding system. This means that if you want your products or services ads to run on the search engines that you prefer, you must bid on those terms that you want to ‘trigger’ or display the ads. These terms are known as keywords.

When a user submits his search query, the search engine performs complex algorithmic calculations. This is based upon the Ad Auction. This determines which ads are displayed, in which order, and by which advertiser.

As an advertiser, you have to pay for each click on your ads. Hence only bid on those keywords that are relevant to your business and you are sure to get ROI from them.

To find the right keywords to bid on, make use of the keyword tool.  

Enhance your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns

Managing a successful paid search account needs devoted time and effort, which can be extended by us to you. Growing your valuable business through PPC can be attained with our expertise and knowledge. 

While you focus on growing your business and helping your customers, we provide you with complete guidance and assistance in a step-by-step manner. 


Bottom Line

Our search engine marketing tools connect your business securely to your Google AdWords and Bing Ads accounts. Our campaigns enable you to see a wealth of data that would be otherwise difficult to access in one centralized location. Thereby we help to optimize your AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns to increase conversions, maximize return on investment, and grow your business.