With the severe upswing of social media, influencer marketing has become one of the promising slices in digital marketing. The concept had its humble beginnings in the period of 2006 – 2010 era, where the Twitter and Instagram were launched. But back then, it was an unsung hero probably because the world waited for the smartphone revolution and the mobile app dominance to happen in full swing. From its humble beginnings and series of evolutions, today when we view the importance of social media in daily life, we can find that influencer marketing is the next buzzword in the market.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of paid marketing that relies on the leaders of social media to drive the brand’s message to the market. Besides reaching out directly to the target audience, social influencer campaigns pass a brand message through individuals who have mass followership in social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram etc. These campaigns will go hand in hand and adds value to the conventional way of social media marketing. Either the brand will create content to be broadcasted or the influencer will create themselves.

How influencer marketing evolved?

The era of social networking sites was popularly prevalent from the days when Orkut and Facebook were launched in 2004. A couple of years back we witnessed the launch of Twitter. But things took a drastic change when Instagram stormed into the social media platform by 2010. Close to a decade after its inception, today, there are a lot of social influencers Instagram accounts that can easily create brand awareness to thousands of people and with good reasons. Influencers add seamless value to brand identity and promotions in ways that traditional advertisers can’t even think of achieving in a similar way.

What are the emerging trends?

Digital marketing companies are today holding the priceless tag of influencer marketing agency under their shield to capture the audience attention. Around 60 percent of the agencies are planning to increase their spends on influencer marketing by 2019. Influencer marketing is less annoying but more relatable to the audience, who already have established their fan following with the influencer. However, everything in marketing comes with a catch. Before understanding the possible impacts of the influencer marketing, you cannot successfully curate and run a paid influencer campaign.

What to consider for influencer marketing?

  • Define the target audience – The audience you intend to target should be specific. The more relative you are with the audience, the more are the chances for you to find the right influencer.
  • Clear objectives – Every minute element in your marketing strategy should be aligned with what are you trying to achieve. You can also measure the impact of your campaign and get analytics.
  • Selecting the influencers – The influencer you choose should be suiting the business idea. If the influencer is related to the business idea in a precise way, then it can create a robust influence.

It is essential to understand the purpose of why you need to be careful in the above aspects. The brand should know which social media platform is accounting for their niche conversations. Businesses should be aware of how their service and the influencer will motivate the user. They should possess a clear idea of how fragmented their audience is. The more you know about the niche and the target audience, the more you are likely to raise the bars of rightly adopting the influencer marketing trends.

We have reached the last quarter of 2018 and digital marketing is facelifting with a lot of developments. Among the many factors, the evolution of chatbots assumes great significance for having taken the industry by a storm. Chatbots are a fruitful slice of technology that is capable of interacting with online prospects and customers in real time. Don’t think too much, you already know the applied versions like Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant. In the vast terminology of digital marketing services, terms like Artificial Intelligence, Live Chat and Sales Automation rhyme closely with the concept of chatbots. Let’s evaluate what these terms mean and how it affects the sales process.

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How do you decide if a product is good? or A hotel serves good food or how to decide to watch a movie or not? You just don’t rely on the product description or the menu cards or synopsis the clients provide us, You check for customer reviews. You read about experiences each customer had with a product or service before you purchase them. Read More

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You buy and sell FOR money! Forex is buying and selling OF money in its different avatars (currencies). It was never or shall never be a simple game. This is why every Forex trader must shield their business with digital marketing. Unless you are visible in the eyes of search engines, there is no way you can outwit your competitors. Because, it is survival of the smartest era and digital marketing for FOREX companies is the smartest way to boom your business!

Forex digital marketing covers diverse services and based on your business expectations, you can choose them. For instance, reconsider the investment that you are planning for your trading website in an attempt to please the customers. Instead, you can enhance the website’s traffic with a custom SEO campaign based on the outcome of a comprehensive market research including link building, on page and off page optimization, keywords, and SEO strategies.

Hint of what we do:

  • Forex trading SEO services are impeccable especially when it comes to results.
  • We make your social media pages alive with apt and quality contents
  • We tap all the sources that is viable enough to fetch you an earning thus maximizing your profit.
  • You juggle with money and we aim at finding cost effective ways for you.
  • We have affordable packages with scalable services which would keep our customers happy.
  • We shall deficit the gap between you and your customers to ensure you getting new and existing customers every time they think of forex trading.

There are many to choose from but you must be wise while choosing the best Forex social media marketing company. Socialpulsar, though only a few years since our inception, has successfully proved that decades of experience bows in front of quality of service, making us bag a place in the top 5  within 2 quick years! Doesn’t that make us an ideal choice if you want to see your investment bear the best desirable fruit? Our service will create an impact on your overall ranking as well. On the whole, Forex trading devoid of digital marketing means limited success in business! Break the limits and explore what is in store when you opt for Digital branding!


It is no secret that Mobile is king in today’s digital landscape. By 2019, mobile advertising is forecasted to represent 72 percent of all US online ads. With the world heading towards mobile, it is high time that brands focus on delivering mobile friendly content, says a leading digital marketing company based in San FranciscoWith shift to Mobile-First Indexing by Google, and page load speed emerging as a ranking factor, making mobile friendly content is imperative for better search ranking and overall SEO.

Let’s explore some methods to make your brand ready for the mobile-dominant world in 2018.


Start with text optimization

In order to create mobile-friendly content, you need to understand how users read content on mobile devices. As shown in the image, 68% of a user’s attention is on the centre and top half. The upper two-thirds grab 86% attention.  Text below this point is rarely viewed. Nevertheless it is advised to optimize the entire content piece.

text optimization - mobile

Get to know mobile copywriting


Go for short and crisp headlines. As per CoSchedule, titles with about 6 words get the maximum click-throughs. Don’t forget to make your titles catchy to grab the user’s attention.



Make sure that your content is easily readable. Divide your content into different easily digestible segments, include subheads and write short paragraphs, these are few things you can do to improve overall readability.


Go for shorter words

It is preferred to go for more precise and shorter words while creating mobile content. Here is a list of numerous wordy phrases and their smaller alternatives.


Optimize your images and videos

Incorporating images is very crucial to make your content more readable and interesting.  But the catch here is that your images must be optimized for mobile devices otherwise it could end up consuming extra space and also add to the page load time.


Page load time and images

Your page load is a crucial factor when it comes to engaging users or them hitting back the search results. Below are some tips to ensure speedy image load:

  • Make use of compression
  • Use responsive resizing tools
  • Try creating pre-optimized images

Go for a preview process once the content is ready. Check on your mobile device to see if there is enough white space to keep the content readable.


Optimize your videos

With videos emerging to be a favourite among users, it is essential that your videos are optimized for the mobile platform. Make sure your text is readable and embed third-party video hosting services on to your website to ensure bitrates and compression is already optimized.


Optimize your Design

It is not enough to optimize text, images and videos. You need to optimize your design too.


Go for Responsive Design

A responsive design can be used across all platforms and as the screen size changes, content also changes to fit within the same.

Responsive design

Get rid of Sidebars

Sidebars are a great way to enhance user experience on a desktop but not on mobile platforms as it usually gets pushed down to the bottom of the page and is seldom used.

Keep up with trends to provide an excellent user experience irrespective of the device used by them.