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San Francisco, CA – November 09, 2021 — Global digital marketing agency Social Pulsar announces a strategic alliance with U.S. public relations firm Spelling Communications, providing their respective and future clients with a new tightly integrated roster of compatible digital marketing and media relations services to stimulate brand awareness, audience engagement and growth. The two agencies solidified the new relationship with their first joint account win, GetZENd, a cross-platform success coaching company headed by pre-eminent performance coach and Wall Street Journal best selling author, Zahra Karsan.

Headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in San Jose, India, and UAE. SocialPulsar offers two main services: Marketing Automation and B2B Marketing. Within these two silos, Social Pulsar provides an omnibus of digital services for businesses from start up’s to Tier 1 clients — running the gamut from branding, strategy, marketing analytics, social media marketing, SEO and multi-platform app development. (#DigitalMarketingAgency, #SocialMediaMarketing, #AppDeveloper) Current and past clients include Way, Renault, Share Tea, Vitality Bowls to name a few. Since inception, SocialPulsar has received many distinguished industry awards and acknowledgements, with recent inclusions in the 2021 Digital Best SEO Companies in San Francisco, 2021 Digital Best App Marketing Companies, and the 2020 Clutch top B2B Companies in the US. https://www.socialpulsar.com/

Spelling Communications
Based in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, Spelling Communications is one of the most established independent PR firms in the industry. The agency’s core competencies include media relations, positioning strategy, and CEO reputation management. Their industry specialties include media & entertainment, technology, advertising agencies, professional services, and nonprofit. Spelling Communications also excels at offshore-to-onshore awareness building for overseas companies seeking to penetrate the North American marketplace. Over the years, they have represented brands big and small, including Intel, FreshBlood Group, Davis Elen Advertising, Univision, CASA/LA, KPMG, Charter Communications, Luma Pictures and Promerica Bank. https://www.spellcom.com/

“We refer to our integrated capabilities as “Lightning and Thunder,” cites William Henderson, VP of Global Sales and Business Development at Social Pulsar. “Spelling Communications’ proven expertise at generating MSM editorial content is the lightning, the flash of news that comes unexpectedly and with great fanfare. Social Pulsar’s ability to extend the life of that initial media coverage through our deep expertise in digital marketing and social media management is the rolling thunder that follows the lightning flash. Our world is the underlying web infrastructure where the digital marketing and social media management wars are won. Together, the combined and symbiotic skills of our two firms offer businesses a unique and powerful market

The new alliance’s first joint client is world-class performance coach and best-selling author Zahra Karsan whose latest book “Six Weeks to Happy” debuted at #1 on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble charts and recently hit #2 on The Wall Street Journal Bestseller List. Her company, GetZENd, offers a suite of interactive tools that include online video training and an award-winning
app to help overstressed careerists stay on track with their life goals without compromising their life experience. https://getzend.com/

“I immediately saw the benefit of a synchronized offering of earned media placement reinforced by a multi-disciplined digital marketing effort,” stated Zahra Karsan, CEO of GetZENd. “It’s proving to be a powerful combination in generating awareness and engagement for our brand.”

Contact: Jason Grimley, jasongrimley@spellcom.com – 323-309-8714.
Dan Spelling, dspelling@spellcom.com – 310-838-4249,
Ajish Nair, ajish.nair@socialpulsar.com – 844-544-2727
William Henderson, william@socialpulsar.com – 510-964-7315

With the severe upswing of social media, influencer marketing has become one of the promising slices in digital marketing. The concept had its humble beginnings in the period of 2006 – 2010 era, where the Twitter and Instagram were launched. But back then, it was an unsung hero probably because the world waited for the smartphone revolution and the mobile app dominance to happen in full swing. From its humble beginnings and series of evolutions, today when we view the importance of social media in daily life, we can find that influencer marketing is the next buzzword in the market.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of paid marketing that relies on the leaders of social media to drive the brand’s message to the market. Besides reaching out directly to the target audience, social influencer campaigns pass a brand message through individuals who have mass followership in social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram etc. These campaigns will go hand in hand and adds value to the conventional way of social media marketing. Either the brand will create content to be broadcasted or the influencer will create themselves.

How influencer marketing evolved?

The era of social networking sites was popularly prevalent from the days when Orkut and Facebook were launched in 2004. A couple of years back we witnessed the launch of Twitter. But things took a drastic change when Instagram stormed into the social media platform by 2010. Close to a decade after its inception, today, there are a lot of social influencers Instagram accounts that can easily create brand awareness to thousands of people and with good reasons. Influencers add seamless value to brand identity and promotions in ways that traditional advertisers can’t even think of achieving in a similar way.

What are the emerging trends?

Digital marketing companies are today holding the priceless tag of influencer marketing agency under their shield to capture the audience attention. Around 60 percent of the agencies are planning to increase their spends on influencer marketing by 2019. Influencer marketing is less annoying but more relatable to the audience, who already have established their fan following with the influencer. However, everything in marketing comes with a catch. Before understanding the possible impacts of the influencer marketing, you cannot successfully curate and run a paid influencer campaign.

What to consider for influencer marketing?

  • Define the target audience – The audience you intend to target should be specific. The more relative you are with the audience, the more are the chances for you to find the right influencer.
  • Clear objectives – Every minute element in your marketing strategy should be aligned with what are you trying to achieve. You can also measure the impact of your campaign and get analytics.
  • Selecting the influencers – The influencer you choose should be suiting the business idea. If the influencer is related to the business idea in a precise way, then it can create a robust influence.

It is essential to understand the purpose of why you need to be careful in the above aspects. The brand should know which social media platform is accounting for their niche conversations. Businesses should be aware of how their service and the influencer will motivate the user. They should possess a clear idea of how fragmented their audience is. The more you know about the niche and the target audience, the more you are likely to raise the bars of rightly adopting the influencer marketing trends.

We have reached the last quarter of 2018 and digital marketing is facelifting with a lot of developments. Among the many factors, the evolution of chatbots assumes great significance for having taken the industry by a storm. Chatbots are a fruitful slice of technology that is capable of interacting with online prospects and customers in real time. Don’t think too much, you already know the applied versions like Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant. In the vast terminology of digital marketing services, terms like Artificial Intelligence, Live Chat and Sales Automation rhyme closely with the concept of chatbots. Let’s evaluate what these terms mean and how it affects the sales process.

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