Sentiment analysis involves the tracking and evaluation of statements present in various social platforms in order to determine whether the statements are positive or negative with respect to a specific brand. We are your trusted firm for digital marketing in India. To evaluate the statements, natural language processing is combined with artificial intelligence capability and text analytics. Our sentiment analysis report will help customers in determining the impact of marketing efforts i.e. whether the efforts result in positive or negative sentiment towards the brand and also track brand reputation. Social Pulsar, the best digital marketing agency in India monitor social media posts and other related discussions to figure out user’s reactions to a brand/event.

Why choose us?

Our Sentiment analysis will help your brand in a number of ways.

You can quickly respond to any problem regarding the product/customer service.

You can pursue easy and swift online reputation management

You are alerted in real time of any negative reviews when they occur

Facilitates easy and efficient response to the reviews and build loyalty

Easily measure the success of any campaign/marketing effort

You can get validated inputs on conducting successful market research

You could curate and run effective marketing strategies and increase ROI

You can receive informed insights on how your brand stacks up against your competitor

You can assess your online popularity, fan base and develop a better digital footprint.

What is sentiment analysis?

Across the internet, you will find various attributes and dimensions to sentiment analysis. However, we at SocialPulsar defines sentiment analysis as the process of analysing online pieces of writing to measure and evaluate the emotional tone they carry. It determines the authors (customers or whoever writes a review) attitude towards something (brand/product/service).

Who uses sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis and opinion mining strategies are largely relevant in today’s business scenario. Industries like e-commerce, marketing, to wider mass participating forums like politics and research among many others are widely adopting sentiment analysis. The following are some of the sectors where sentiment analysis is a must.

  • Reputation management
  • Customer feedback
  • Crisis prevention
  • Politics
  • Research

The SocialPulsar impact

The flourish of social media platforms has forged a venue for better customer and brand interactions. There are a lot of interactions happening while pitching to clients, persuading them, closing the sales and conducting after sales services. How would  a brand listen, analyse, and engage with customers to understand their emotional footprint?

SocialPulsar’s expert digital marketing specialists will understand the algorithms and extract meaning from various formats of reviews. Our analysts take a deeper dive into the customer journey and gather valuable customer insights from social media comments, blog or forum comments, emails around brands, markets, employers and much more. We give you the right insights on what the consumers are feeling about your brand. Right from the flame detection to curating a new brand perceptions and brand image, our custom tailored solutions empower your enterprises wisdom in understanding customers and deliver just what they need with higher quality.

Why would you do sentiment analysis?

  • Identifying negative mentions about a business, a service, a brand/company, a marketing campaign, an event in social media and on the internet
  • Spotting angry customers on the verge of starting a social media crisis analyzing how your customers react to product changes
  • Spotting super happy users who, for example, are more likely to become your brand ambassadors

Summing up sentiment analysis is the analysis of the feelings of the customer. It includes emotions, attitudes, opinions, thoughts etc. of the customers. It is extremely important for a business to know what is happening behind the screen. Get a quote from Social Pulsar and get ready to witness the broad and powerful applications of sentiment analysis.


We are one of the top internet marketing agencies in India. We assess user remarks with the help of AI (artificial intelligence) and natural language processing, and text analytics to acquire substantial reports. Our Sentiment Analysis Report will assist you to understand customer sentiments accurately. You will be able to catch the impression that your brand summons from your customers. We also hold keen attention on social media posts and related inquiries to examine user responses to your brand. This way your brand prominence will never go down and you can manage it uninjured. Contact us now for a quote.

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