Social Pulsar’s Mention Analytics and Social Media Marketing solutions in India help brands around the globe to make more informed decisions based on the insights. Our solutions help brands to cut through the social clutter- track, analyze and extract relevant data from billions of online conversations. The meaningful data helps our patrons to strategically manage their brand and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Get instant access to what people are talking about your brand online. React quickly to real-time Social Media Mention made about your brand. This will really help you build customer loyalty as you follow-up on just the positive feedback but also on the negative ones. Social media monitoring solutions offered by us will help you:

  • Asses your competitive position,
  • Minimize the risk of social media crisis
  • Effectively handle a crisis that has already hit
  • Get a clear picture about your target audience and market

What is a social mention?

No one needs to be reminded of the importance of social media in business growth. It helps in reaching the audience, engaging them on different levels and getting traction of the sales process. But how do we analyse the data, especially when it comes in an unstructured manner? Thats where tracking social mentions becomes crucial. The insights derived from social listening can streamline every aspect of the business – from its operations, public relations and after sales services to product/service marketing.

Whenever an individual or social media user mentions about a name or any aspects of brand online, it becomes a social mention. It can be either positive or negative. Every single social mentioning is a golden opportunity to engage your audience and bolster your brand perspective among the audience. Typically there are four major aspects through which your business goals or objectives can be achieved by tracking social mentions.

Public relations

The sooner you figure out a PR crisis, the better are the chances of resolving it without being a disaster. Social mentions, be it positive or negative should be resolved immediately. History has several glimpses to offer us, like the example of Southwest Airlines, where one of a major technical glitch delayed around 800 flights. When the passengers started to pour their opinions in social media, Southwest social media team responded to each of them in real time. This immediate strategy enabled them to counter the issue before it becomes a sensational news.

Customer service

With the increased absorption levels of smartphones coupled with the popularity of social media, most of the customers started to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter to their first point of contact. Enterprises which closely monitor their social mentions enable them to create more opportunities for better customer services. Once they feel comfortable in reaching out to you and getting timely feedback, they will feel more aligned towards spending money with your brands products and services.

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Product/content management

Through social listening, your brand can monitor the queries, concerns and suggestions raised by the customers. You can rely on these insights to know more about your business, product or service and make the necessary adjustments the existing marketing plan. Social listening will also help in making informed strategies into the content management as well. For example, a user wants a healthcare brand to publish content on a particular topic, then the brand can know the demand in the market and supply the in demand content.

Digital marketing

Every step towards social mentioning is a leap towards brand building. All the customer engagements built strong brand identities and social listening is the basic of it. Some of the brand strategies applied in online media can become overnight sensations. Some of them even become trendsetter in social media due to humour and pun. However, your brand might be careful in dealing with humour because once slipped its intention, it will cascading effects on the brand identity and even fail to business closure!