Whatever business you represent, you always need to know the aspects of it. You need to know how your business is entering or existing in a market and how it is conceived by the audience. What are the challenges you are facing and what are the advantages you have? In this technology-driven world, how can a business find out the factors needed for analyzing its growth and challenges? That’s where we have the pioneers Google.

Google Analytics is a strategy that helps organizations derive better-informed business decisions that are essential in analyzing growth patterns. It enables businesses to track customer behaviour, derives their expectations about the brand, and forge better growth strategies. In digital marketing, Google Analytics plays a huge role. At SocialPulsar, we understand this notion from its core.

From setting and factoring the business goals, configuring the Google Analytics account, gathering and evaluating high-performance data, and framing the right marketing decisions, we help organizations achieving beyond the expectations. Our expert team is capable of framing the right strategy and have hands-on experience in implementing custom-tailored strategies to improve your business growth and ROI.

They guide you in creating a detailed report that analyses each and every facet for your business vertical and pulls out recommendations based on proven expertise and statistics. The data generated will be analyzed by our experts to find patterns to keep your audience engaged. Our strategies ensure integrity and accuracy in implementing and optimizing the data. We provide periodical reports that ensure that the metrics are still relevant to the brand goals.

At SocialPulsar, we have professionals who can compile the right strategies in implementing various Google Analytics tools.

  • Goal and Funnel Setup
  • Filter Implementation
  • Site Search Tracking
  • E-commerce Tracking 
  • Campaign Tagging
  • Report Scheduling
  • Custom Report Building
  • Advanced Segmentation Setup
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Why SocialPulsar?

SocialPulsar has an unmatched team of Google certified analytics professionals, who possess a proven track record of managing multiple and diverse clientele. Since inception, we have been associated with elite clients who have secured their strong market position through our service. Management level training sections and guidance have enabled our workforce to churn all the updates and developments happening in the industry to stay on the top of the industry.

By consistently monitoring business through audits, analyzing incoming traffic, conducting behavior analysis of the website visitors, the performance of website contents, GEO location analysis, we make sure your business gets timely and quality insights on improving your business. We recommend your strategic changes and recommendations that are proven to impact your products and service offerings in a positive way.

What makes us different?

We analyze your business verticals closely and conducts market-level research to plan the upcoming changes in marketing. We impart seamless value to our client’s business missions by planning where to spend and where not to. Our most sophisticated analytics tools deliver the most filtered and valuable data that achieves more Returns on Investments. Now transform data into actionable insights with SocialPulsar.